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Hurray for Knoppix: A “partition” story September 11, 2006

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Linux, Other Distros, Working with Linux.

At first, let me rant about corporate policies for OEMs on notebooks. I simply loathe the fact that they don’t give the “full” CD to work with. If indeed it’s part of the system, I want to own (and control) my own copy of windows. Anyway, market forces aside, I also loathe the fact that they don’t give a rescue CD along with the system. I mean, what is that? Has Windows reached that form of perfection that you no longer need to reinstall? And finally I loathe the fact, that this Windows copy is loaded onto a huge unpartitioned C drive, where if I want to partition, for my own health and sanity, I need to buy a $70 software to do what should have been done (or at least thought about by the company) in the first place.

Well despite the fear of ruining the my windows OEM on my Lenovo, I decided to venture into the world of partitioning. Of course the partition companies are smart. They dish out demo/trial versions of their software, without the ability to actually implement the changes that you want. When actually I would want to partition only once in my life (unless Windows or my harddisk) decides to crash… I didn’t see the need to buy anything.

Free software for a graphical interface for partitioning… from windows??? No such luck. I went from site to site, tried out a few demos, but all to no avail.

Enter the Knoppix: I read an article about how Knoppix with the help of QTPart was more than able to handle Windows partitioning needs… for free. Now I do like Linux, but I’m still cautious about it’s ability to work WITH Windows. And I was really scared that it would wipe out everything. Still, I braved the Knoppix world, and decided to partition my harddrive using the live CD.

I actually prayed before and during the process was going on… I hadn’t even backup up my windows yet.

But I was getting desperate… I needed the partitions to get things going.

I started QTPart… and intuitively did what I felt was the right thing to do. I did Undo once… when I wasn’t sure, but basically it seemed pretty obvious what was going on.

I then, set up three partitions in haste… meaning, I wasn’t able to think about exactly what I wanted because I was overwhelmed by the fear of losing everything. And then pressed… I forgot what I pressed… I think it was… &apply or something like that.

Within a few seconds… man Linux is fast!… it said it was all done.

Well good, no system crash so far. I restarted onto Windows.

And then I received an check disk message… I was still praying… and yet felt that this would be only natural… windows would be freaking out that Linux was invaded onto its territory. It checked all partitions!!! Wow, it worked. But then asked me to restart. I dutifully did as I was told.

Then, windows loaded. With all my settings. Phew… at least this works. Then I saw a message saying I needed to restart again because new stuff was loaded and machine must start to take effect. I quickly peeked in the “My Computer” and saw the partition… good sign… and did as I was told.

Now, I am a semi-proud owner of a partitioned Lenovo. With a 10GB partition reserved soley for SUSE 10.1!!! I was so relieved… and amazed at the poor/simplicity of Linux.

And thus this is just one example of Linux in the real world. My verdict: excellent!

ps. I then noticed that there is a Linux distribution called GParted which is sole-ly meant for partitioning. I’m so excited that I want to try this out… and it’s downloading on my machine even as I type this.



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