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Suse on my Lenovo! and how I got there September 12, 2006

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in First Impressions, Linux, OpenSUSE, Working on Linux.

These are the first impressions written from openSUSE 10.1 on my Lenovo Z60m. (latest update: I now have openSUSE 10.2 and here is that story) SUSE recognised all my hardware… but I’m a little skeptical about whether it has recognised my network. That  I’m using the internet is at least a good sign. The font rendition still feels difficult to read, for which I guess KDE is to blame. But still, I’m glad to be online on SUSE.

Installation process

I started the installation today at 5:55pm IST. Big mistake because I had to be elsewhere at 7:00pm and I didn’t realise the time it would take.

Initial setup questions took a long time to answer, partly because I’ve done it 3-4 times before, and partly because because the interface was a little more complicated than I remembered. Many… too many… options to choose from. Each font etc. I would have rather had “Asian” fonts as one group… to check, or uncheck. etc. I had to watch out for the partitioning, which wasn’t too bad, and yet I had to tweek it a bit.

I started the first CD installation at 6:22pm. and to my horror I saw that there was about 1.4 hours to go! Somehow other distributions had spoiled me to expect a Linux installation within 30 minutes. Still, this was SUSE, with 6 disks (including the add-on) so I didn’t mind too much… initially.

The CD loading interface is the most helpful I’ve found from all distros (I haven’t seen Fedora yet). I like the total time remaining and time for next CD install. Helpful, though not entirely dependable.

I was then asked to insert the Add-on CD (second)… I expected it to be the last. That went on for a while, and then I was asked to put back CD 1. I did. Then I was asked to put back CD Add-on. I did. Now I could restart. I was a bit confused with all that changing, but I supposed SUSE had a good reason which I didn’t know about.

At 6:45pm I started CD 2. And I got a shock… it said 2hrs 38minutes for completion. Comeon! Then it reduced to 1hr37minutes… as if the previous half-hour didn’t matter at all. However, by the third disk the time was 6:55pm. So I guessed that SUSE was having a timing problem.

CD 4 started at 7:10pm and CD started at 7:22pm. Finally, by 7:32pm I was working on the preferences.

SUSE couldn’t recognise the internet and I forgot the hassle SUSE gives at this stage. In fact, the neatest Network/internet install I’ve seen is through Xandros 3 which not only recongised all network, but even allowed me to add printer easily. After struggling for a while (till 7:50pm) I decided to let SUSE load without internet and try later.

I must say that I was very impressed by the fact that SUSE recognised all my hardware, right up to the model name and screen size. For a person who has been struggling with hardware recognition… this was big.

Finally, I was logged onto SUSE 10.1 at 7:55pm. Interestingly, exactly 2hours since I started. And as if to reward me for my perseverance, SUSE decided to suddenly grant me internet access, on which I am working right now. I will later see why/how I have access… and to what extent of my network. But for now, this is enough.



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