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Linux in the real world: The Curse of the “Dual Boot” September 28, 2006

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Discussions-Conclusions-Hopes, Linux, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, Windows, Working on Linux, Working with Linux.

(latest update: The following post was written a few months ago, when I was still getting my hands around Linux. I’ve discovered that with a properly configured Ubuntu or (my current favourite) openSUSE, it is possible to spend days without ever logging on to Windows XP. At my workplace, I have now spent a week without booting to Windows XP for work (yesterday I went on to Windows XP just to test mic settings. However the below post is still relevant because it gives a picture of the development of a Linux users, a flashback for few, a current reality for some, and a possible future for many).

As the heading suggests, I haven’t used Linux for much recently. Its been over 10 days since I’ve done anything meaningful in/with Linux. Instead, I’ve been using Windows XP as my primary OS, both at home and at the office.

My problems: At the office, I’ve still not been able to figure out how to connect to the network through SUSE 10.1… I know I could find out if I tried to find the answers, but currently I don’t have the time to look. I miss Xandros that did it automatically, but I guess even Windows networks need to be configured, so I’ll connect it sometime. However, that’s why I’m not using SUSE much, because I can’t even print! (another update: I now use openSUSE 10.2 and my machine is connected to the network and it prints just fine.)

At home, I was just able to get my video divers in Ubuntu… but two things happened with Ubuntu. When I loaded Ubuntu, somehow my Mandriva linux has been affected. Maybe it’s not Ubuntu’s fault. But the second problem is that Ubuntu’s video drivers are still very poor and I’m not able to see DVD’s clearly. Either Ubuntu hasn’t recognised my graphics card, or the video drivers are poor… but the picture looks like it is painted on a canvas. Very rough. so, at home, when I watch movies. I use Windows only.

I don’t have time to fix these problems… maybe one day I’ll have some… but for now… I think this scenario will continue… and I will only be using Linux rarely.

(I must say that if I didn’t have Windows, I would certainly be using Linux… but for now, the dual boot keeps me hooked on Windows. Perhaps, there can never be a slow weaning away… and I must pull the plug on Windows… one day. Maybe, one day)

(further update: The only way I weaned myself off windows dependence was to actually decide to exclusively use Ubuntu for a week. That way I was able to figure out many problems that I wouldn’t have cared to solve and actually move forward towards greater Linux productivity).



1. Jorge - October 29, 2007


Sorry to hijack this post for a question not related to the post (I didn’t find any contact info on your site :)

Where can I get the wallpaper you have on your openSUSE 10.2 (KDE) screenshot (on your Lenovo)?


2. NAyK - October 30, 2007

Hey Jorge: the link to the wallpaper is: http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Th_URch?content=37932

Hope that helps.

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