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Frustrations continue… But so does the hope October 29, 2006

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Discussions-Conclusions-Hopes, First Impressions, Linux, Working on Linux.

This has been a spectacular time for Linux. Release of Fedora 6 and the entire gamut of Ubuntu+ releases. Just recently Mandriva 2007 was also released.

All these are exciting times… but I haven’t been able to try any one of them. Mandriva is too many CDs to download. The same goes for Fedora. I’m hoping that one of the computer magazines releases these soon.

I downloaded Kubuntu however… and was frustrated at the onset with Qparted crashes.

I downloaded Kubuntu however… and was frustrated at the onset with Qparted crashes. I couldn’t accept the default partition settings… and so clicked on advanced user. But that’s exactly what Kubuntu didn’t allow me to do cited a “crash”. As a result, I had to stop the entire process.

But I was so excited about loading a new Linux that “actually” worked… that I reverted back to Freespire on my desktop hoping at least to use it for a while. But the same problem occurred again… where the network connection just wouldn’t stay on for more than a second. Interestingly however, I couldn’t find any easy way to edit GRUB/LILO whatever Linspire uses to make Windows my Default. Also… Linspire didn’t recognise my Mandriva (earlier version) and so effectively I have a disfunctional Freespire as default.

My SUSE on my Lenovo is another frustrating experience and today I almost erased it. The only thing stopping me is that I spent to long loading it on in the first place. I haven’t been able to do the simplist thing… connect to a Windows XP FAT32 partition. It recognises my C drive (system) but it doesn’t let me load anything else.

Forget of course network installation… as I have no idea (and I’m losing the inclination to find out)… how to get it to work. I guess this windows file sharing just put me off. Why can’t it just work like Xandros???

Plus, SUSE doesn’t allow me any 3D capability… so I can’t even play the basic 3D linux games that come along with it. I guess they should do a test in the installation stage as to whether the 3D drivers are recognised or not… and only then install all that junk.

Anyway… I realised that I need few things in a distribution.

1. It must let me connect to the internet.
1. It must allow me to read all my Windows drives without any hassle… and allow me to automatically write to the FAT partitions.

2. It must recognise/allow at least some 3D capacity. eventually allowing me to watch DVDs and play mp3s.

3. It must be loaded with the latest Flash 9… (cf. Foresight) or have an easy way to do so.

4. It must let me connect to the network without breaking my head too much. … and of course allow me to print as a result.

5. Allow me to configure things with basic ease… edit boot/grub etc.

None of the above requirements are impossible because at least one/two distros allow at least one/two of the above options. What I’m hoping for is a distro that does all these. So far, Xandros has the best connectivity. Simply out of the box… but because it is a paid version… it just didn’t allow me to add anything etc. Ditto for Mandriva.

OK… that’s my wish/grip list.

Basically I’m extremely frustrated right now… but still excited to be part of the Linux movement.



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