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XFCE made GNOME clone in Xubuntu… EEEKS! October 30, 2006

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in First Impressions, Linux, Ubuntu, Working on Linux.


The heading and the above thumbnail (click to enlarge) says it all. I mean, look at the desktop image and tell me what’s so different about Xubuntu from Ubuntu (other than the colour)!?

Xubuntu is an Ubuntu based distro based on the XFCE desktop manager. But, instead of the exciting interface that XFCE also represents, I found a GNOME like interface, minimalistic, simple and with no design excitement.

Worse, my internet connection (after installation) was slower than usual (but that could be perhaps due to the connection)… it hasn’t recognised my desktop graphic driver (which distro has!!!???),but it genuinely feels very slow/unresponsive when I open multiple windows. So much for fast!

I’m working on Xubuntu right now… and I’ve figured out the basics… how to get myself connected etc. (latest update: I’m no longer working with Xubuntu. I replaced it with XFLD 0.3, which does a better XFCE job, though that too is imperfect)

It was interesting that Xubuntu allowed me to play mp3s. This was unexpected.

I haven’t tested video, because before long I think I will try out XFLD 0.3

For another Xubuntu perspective see this post. For an Xubuntu screenshot preview see here.



1. Terramel - November 8, 2006

Screenshots plz!

2. Matthew - January 23, 2007

Xubuntu is supposed to be minimalistic, as I understand it. It’s supposed to run on computers with 128mb memory (and possibly less).

3. NAyK - January 23, 2007

to Matthew: yes… but I found Vector, Dreamlinux 2.2, and XFLD 0.3 both faster and more attractive implementations of XFCE than Xubuntu. So my feeling was that Xubuntu’s XFCE implementation was a bit heavy due to its Ubuntu heritage, as well as less imaginative. That was just a feeling.

4. Cornfused - September 20, 2008

Can’t understand why I would want Gnome when XFCE is available. Can anyone tell me the bennies of using Gnome?

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