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Mandriva One… Tried two times… still equals zero October 31, 2006

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in First Impressions, Linux, Mandriva, Working on Linux.

(This article was written before I finally got Mandriva One to work on my Lenovo Notebook. Read my impressions here)

What this title is trying to say is that I finally decided to try the Mandriva One CD… and first burned the iso image of KDE4… with the English/Hindi language options.

The Live CD stalled at “reading HAL” stage… and when I pressed enter and asked it to continue… it loaded to a text menu… asking for login. I couldn’t kdm/gdm/xdm… it just stayed on the text screen. A total disappointment.

I tried again today… this time with the conventional KDE Free… and the exact same thing happened.

Now considering that Mandriva was the best distro I used in terms of hardware recognition of my AMD desktop… I couldn’t imagine why a later version would have problems with my system. Still… I’m willing to concede some such problem… and will now look for the more stable… three CD version… chucking this nonesense Mandriva One idea.

Hope that will work!



1. jaganath - November 16, 2006

This could be caused by some peripherals or usb devices attached to it. Unplug any mouse or external hard drives you could have attached and boot the cd again. Once fully booted, you can plugin those devices and it will work. The same happened with my USB mouse! I am sure this is annoying, they have to fix this!

2. NAyK - November 16, 2006

To Jaganath… Nope. It didn’t work, even when I removed every thing attached, even speakers. It always hangs at HAL stage… and same result. Thanks anyway.

3. jaganath - November 17, 2006

Sorry to see that it didnt work for you. Mandriva Linux 2007 probably is the best linux distro I tried in the recent times. Mandriva One defintly has some QA issues. But the DVD version really rocks.

After trying Mandriva One and installing it to hard drive, I really started enjoying it. many things which didnt work while booted from live cd started working once I installed it on the hard drive.

Later, I installed the DVD version over the weekend. I am pleased with it.

4. NAyK - November 17, 2006

To Jaganath: Hi. Thanks for the persistent recommendation. I decided to eventually try Mandriva One on my Lenovo Notebook (earlier I was trying it on my assembled desktop)… and it worked! So, I’m currently writing this using Mandriva One. Am looking forward to the fuller Mandriva 2007. Thanks again.

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