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XFLD 0.3 saves XFCE from Xubuntu!!! October 31, 2006

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in First Impressions, Linux, Ubuntu, Working on Linux.

Man you must understand linux to understand this title… but it’s true. As my previous post was a crib about how XFCE is totally destroyed (in look) by Xubuntu (which is the Ubuntu distro based on XFCE)… on comes along XFLD 0.3 which is based on Xubuntu… but makes XFCE it’s focus. So, what I have installed… is a distro that is stable like Xubuntu (aka Ubuntu) and yet uses my favourite Desktop manager to its limit. udpate: I have been using XFLD for over a month now (not exclusively) on my desktop harddisk. And apart from some boot-up stalls (I need to press CTRL D every time I need to boot up and exit)… it’s been working fine. I’ve quite enjoyed having XFLD as an alternative on my harddrive.

Plus, I must say that it comes with mp3 capability… and I only had to install certain codecs (actually I just blindly installed whatever codec I felt was appropriate) and it played DVDs and .dat and .wmv files as well! That, my friends, is pretty impressive.

XFCE with XFLD 0.3 on my DesktopI guess I need to test this with my Lenovo, especially for network capabilities… but for home, this is actually enough.

So… on to some problems.


It installed ok… when when I reloaded it totally messed up at the grub stage. I just couldn’t get it to load to XLFD. One of the problems was that it tried to install a splash image that just didn’t work.

I had to therefore load the live-cd again and then using sudo, I had to mount my XLFD partition and then edit the menu.lst.

It worked then.

I don’t think I’ve set-up and started using a distro so fast… and so well… in such a short time. Of course I’ve invested about 3 hrs for XLDF but still… it’s much less than I have spent on SUSE and that darn thing still doesn’t give me what I want!!!


Somehow… Firefox doesn’t remember my homepage default. Instead it reverts to the official .de homepage of XLDF. I guess this is not something worth complaining about because I guess I should pay homage to the developers at least every now and then, so if it doesn’t work… no big deal. I just made my homepage a bookmark so that’s not a major problem.

Another minor irritation is Mozilla’s spell checker is stating (underlining) EVERY word I type as wrong. I even turned the correction feature off… and it still does it. I don’t know why… but I know enough that in conjuction with the homepage problem, this may be a bug.

I actually really like the form spelling feature in Firefox and would love to use it… appropriately.

3. LOOK and FEEL…

Ok… I know I just gushed about how XFCE was saved in XLDF… but actually I feel the best implementation of XFCE was through Vector. XLDF still feels like a GNOME clome… and thus even makes you feel like you’re using a GNOMIC-XFCE… creepy!

4. The Name…

XFLD 0.3… whaaat? Can’t Linux names be cooler… can’t this distro be called something like… Everest… Kanchenjunga or my own favourite Banderpunch?… or whatever “ICE” related thing you want to call it. (cf. Panther, Leopard in MACs)


I don’t think I’ve set-up and started using a distro so fast… and so well in such a short time. Of course I’ve invested about 3 hrs for this… but still… it’s much less than I have spent on SUSE and that darn thing still doesn’t give me what I want!!!

So three cheers for XFLD 0.3. This distro… though not very popular it seems… is actually better than all the Ubuntu/Kubuntus I have ever used!!! My new favourite distro…

Till of course I get the darn Mandriva/Fedora CDs… I guess. :)

ps. I think I need to start putting screen shots at this page… but I’m not able to figure out how. Since I’ll be using this distro a little more (hopefully) I guess I’ll eventually figure out



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2. jherish - January 16, 2007

use dreamlinux 2.2 if you are a xfce fanatics….

3. jherish - January 16, 2007

dreamlinux has a good interface based on xfce 4.4 and it is better than ubuntu as for me.

4. jherish - January 16, 2007

You want a new DE then use FVWM

5. NAyK - January 16, 2007

Thanks jherish. I did use dreamweaver, found many things problematic See https://alternativenayk.wordpress.com/2007/01/14/dreamlinux-22-review-the-dream-turns-sour/. But yes, it does look good. However, now I’m reconciled with KDE because it configures exactly as I would want my Desktop Manager to look.

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