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ILove ELive November 8, 2006

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in First Impressions, Linux, Other Distros, Screenshots.

The corny title above was irresistible. Let just say, however, that I was blown away by ELive… a distro based on the Enlightenment Window Manager that reminds me that functionality is not the only important thing for a distro. What what a distro! I downloaded and tried out ELive 0.5.2 unstable and though it didn’t work on my laptop (and I would have erased SUSE if I had the chance), it worked well enough on my Desktop.

In a review I read, someone preferred the night theme. I in contrast really prefered the day theme. Wow, what a look. What a feel. I know I’m gushing, partly because I am not a Mac user. But still, this is how I want to work!

Below is a screenshot of another elive installation. I think it looked better on my computer, but since I’ve still not started doing screenshots of my own, this will suffice.

eLive Screenshot

All I want to add is that, this is truly the future of desktops… and I hope elive comes out with a stable/usable release that teaches KDE/GNOME what a linux destop manager should do… make the user go oooh… aaaah… wow!

Anyway, here is an installation guide for ELive 0.5. Could prove helpful for those who are installing.



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