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Linux Mint: my next half-hope November 17, 2006

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Linux, Linux Mint, Other Distros, Working on Linux.

Currently I’m in my second attempt to download and install Linux Mint. Yesterday I tried, and the CD was corrupted (it is always a good thing to check a CD before attempting to install… I can’t understand why Mandriva One doesn’t allow us to do that!!!).

My hope with Linux Mint is that it will be more stable that XFLD 0.3. As I have briefly mentioned earlier… my XFLD has started giving boot errors. It says there is a problem that it can’t resolve and expects me to manually install. Problem? It’s in text mode and I don’t know that much backend Linux code to even understand what is wrong, or how to solve it. Thankfully, it allows me to press <Ctrl> <D> to continue… and then the machine works just fine. The same error crops up during exit, and the same solution <Ctrl> <D> gets me back on track. These are minor glitches…

…but that’s why I am still attracted to another Ubuntu derivative… which (aaah, finally!) allows proprietory plugins. I am not a Linux user who uses only non-proprietory software. And I really hope that Linux Mint will save me all the download time/bandwidth and get me started with a stable and functional system that allows me to play my music and movies immediately. Of course I hope it recognises my graphics card as well… but if Ubuntu can’t, while will Mint?

Anyway… the reason why this is a half-hope, because I’m not too sure it Mint will be the answer to my Linux quest. I’m just ready to experiment with it…

And so therefore I wait… 18% has downloaded. Another 1.5 hrs to go.



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