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“Novell Loves Microsoft” and other tragedies November 17, 2006

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Article Watch, Discussions-Conclusions-Hopes, Linux, OpenSUSE.

This heading is supposed to be more provocative then editorial. I’ve done my best to stay abrest with the basics of the deals and its implications for Linux. After a long time however, I found an article that I liked and would like to refer to. The full article is found here.

Basically, the article views the long-term implications of this cooperation… and I think the author, Steven Vaughan-Nichols, is spot on by saying that Linux, especially in the commercial marketplace, will surely have a better footing.

While I agree that Linux will certainly benefit, I do feel that the author overstates in saying that Microsoft will be a loser.

I don’t know enough of Linux code or patent laws to understand all this but I feel that Linux has nothing to fear from Microsoft in terms of patent violation. Partly because Linux has grown so rapidly in the past few years that they would just not ‘win’, in the real sense. Vaughan-Nichols I think is correct when he says that if Microsoft launches a patent suit against a Linux company, “I don’t see how Microsoft could win. From a PR viewpoint, it would be a complete disaster. Even if Microsoft gets a court win, so what? Linux, and the other Linux vendors, would still be out there.”

I do however feel that the author overstates in his assessment that Microsoft will be a loser. Microsoft could only lose in a relative sense (ie. it could have won more easily, or profited more if… etc). I don’t conceive Microsoft becoming a loser anytime soon.

Conclusion: I’m not so against the Novell-Microsoft partnership. I look forward to the development of software/os interrelationships (ie. I’m hoping the next distro’s out of Novell (even openSUSE) will be as good as Xandros at least!). Plus, more power to Linux, whether commercial or not. Hopefully with this kind of competition, if anything, we can all enjoy the ride.

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