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Settling down: Ubuntu starts working as I expect November 27, 2006

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Linux, Software, Ubuntu, Working with Linux.

This morning I worked on a document and printed. So what’s the big deal you ask? Well, considering all the concerns that I’ve been having about this working and this not, I just feel the need to say that I’ve begun to settle down with Ubuntu. And it just worked. I got up, typed, printed. As simple as that.

I’m no longer too perturbed when things are not exactly as I expect. For instance I was working in OpenOffice and I wanted to make two columns… usually in WordPerfect or Windows you would simply click on the two column icon. I thought the two column wasn’t enabled by default so I tried enabling it. I couldn’t find it. So I went to format and made two columns. See, it’s not that difficult (of course would love to have a two-column icon as other distros have it… but I don’t even think it is my place to demand. There are many things I want in WordPerfect and Windows that they would never give me!)

Ubuntu has done very well to integrate seamlessly with my Lenovo… it’s power management is good enough for me to take it for granted

Going back to Ubuntu… the printing process has simplified. I just open the printing dialogue box and then print. You may think that it is a long process… but the network I’m on expects me to put a password everytime I restart the computer in Windows as well (I forgot to mention that earlier)… and so I guess Linux is not so bad.

One problem I’m facing is that all the printouts are coming in economy mode. And I find no option to change it to regular mode. I tried resolutions, everything. Right now it’s not an urgent need (ie. economy prints are fine), but it will be soon (post-Windows update: I returned to Windows for a print job and it turned out that the printer is printing in economy mood in Windows too! Oh, how I repent in discrediting Linux. Turns out the HP laserjet is giving some problems. Hope that gets fixed soon, so that I test how Ubuntu ACTUALLY prints!). (latest update (after the printer was fixed): As it turns out, Ubuntu/Linux still prints only in economy mode. This is now a big hassle because I really need ‘normal’ printouts. As a result, I have had to resort to Windows for printing… and thus also mostly for working. I’m sure there is a work-around, but I don’t have the time right now to figure it out. This is a real disappointment).

The other things working well in the background… I’m listening to InternetRadio (SkyFM, Mostly Classical something) through Amarok, and my speakers sound ok, I think it’s the same as Windows right now. So that’s one more tick for Ubuntu. Then, I’ve noticed these days that Ubuntu has done well to integrate with my Lenovo, and it recognises my battery charge and warns me well in advance about power needs etc. The power-management is fine, so that’s something I would take for granted.

So that’s it. I have to face the rest of the day. This will now be the fourth day? that I haven’t worked on Windows XP. And right now I’m actually enjoying the experience a lot.



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