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Why do I still dual boot? (Linux/Windows) December 10, 2006

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Article Watch, Discussions-Conclusions-Hopes, Linux, Working with Linux.

…in response to this post.

I was reading Jared’s post. And thought about why I wanted (felt I needed) to dual boot (With Windows and Linux). If I was to list the reasons, this would be my list.

1. Because I want to get to know Linux slowly.
2. Because I need Windows for most of my work.
3. Because Linux is not fully ready to do all my work.
4. Because I actually want to move towards Linux (ie. why don’t I stick with Windows? Because one day I don’t want to be using Windows).

I have seen that if I dual boot with Windows I invariably end up using Windows more, because for most of my work, it just is more helpful. However, I recently moved to Ubuntu with Automatix and realised that I could do 60% of my work with Ubuntu… which was a big step forward. So I’ve used it more.

Ultimately, I do want to move entirely away from Windows… but for that I really need InDesign/Photosho/Dreamweaver/Flash… apart from a few other ‘career’ related software. More power to Wine/Crossover perhaps?



1. liquidat - December 10, 2006

You can also set up a virtual machine with Windows inside – it would make your Windows system much more secure (because it would be behind the Linux system) and you could use both at the same time. That’s what I did when I still needed Windows.

However, it works only if you do not depend on 3D graphic drivers in your Windows installation.

2. laosboyme - December 11, 2006

:D thx for the link

3. AleX - March 15, 2007

Can you plz tell…..How to dual boot OpenSuse 10.2 with windows XP.

4. NAyK - March 15, 2007

To Alex: if you have Windows pre-installed… then boot from openSUSE 10.2 DVD and it will help you to dual boot. You don’t have to do too much manipulation.

5. Frank - January 7, 2009

I have found that I can run Dreamweaver quite satisfactorily under Wine in Linux Mint Elyssa. Photoshop didn’t work for me and I can’t get used to Gimp so this is basically the only reason I very occasionally go back to Windows.

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