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Selling out to Windows Live Writer? (oh the shame!) December 12, 2006

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Blogging, Software, Windows, Wordpress.

So I have just tried using Windows Live Writer as an external editor for WordPress. It hasn’t been all smooth, but it has been better than some others I have tried; ecto and w.bloggar–they both have refused to connect to WordPress somehow.

Anyway, this is partly an experiment to see if this kind of thing works. I like the functionality of an external blog editor… though the idea of using a MS application for a pro-Linux site is sure grating, and I’m filled with guilt! (Of course I am also currently using (for the past week or so) Windows XP to talk about Linux… and that is perhaps most ironic (and terrible). But it highlights the schizophrenic nature of my work-environment at the moment!)

Is there an open-source editor somewhere, that will work for WordPress?

Still… rather than give in to my pangs of guilt, I’ll continue to experiment with this external editor and keep a look out for something that is ‘better’ in more ways than one.

Is there an open-source editor somewhere, that will work for wordpress? I couldn’t find it, but would be interested if it offers decent functionality.



1. Vikas R - December 23, 2006

There are blog writers available on linux. Drivel for instance. I have not yet managed to connect it to wordpress.com though. If that is actually not possible, that would be a reason to shift out of wordpress.

2. Using ‘Deepest Sender’ instead of ‘Windows Live Writer’ « Tryst with Linux and other Alternatives - January 2, 2007

[…] Live Writer’ January 2, 2007 Posted by NAyK in Software, Windows, First Impressions. trackback Obviously this “Deepest Sender” Firefox add-on is not as feature rich as Windows LiveWriter, but neither is Windows Live Writer that great in functionality anyway. Thus, “Deepest Sender” add-on is a viable low-resource intensive alternative for blog-editing. Of course we need to be connected to the internet, but there’s no need to enter the wordpress site to do it. This add-on has a neat interface (side-bar or external). Plus, most importanly, all my wordpress blogs were recognised without a hitch. I guess this extension should work in Linux too, though I haven’t tested it out there yet (in response to this comment). […]

3. Jingaling - June 10, 2011

I personally use Blogger for my blog but I too am an avid Linux user and I felt dirty using Win Live Writer, so after some research I found Zoundry Raven (http://www.zoundryraven.com). Check it out, it’s every bit as good as WLW and is open source…and it works with wordpress according to their site :)


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