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Entering the Fedora World: Day Two December 30, 2006

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Fedora, Linux.

Hurray! I just got my first disk downloaded and checked… ie. I burned Disk#1 onto a CD and then booted from it and then typed: linux mediacheck and it passed!

To try and get each of the Fedora Core 6 .iso files, I am now downloading each file through an ftp mirror. It takes a long time, but I guess if all else fails, this is the way to go. The first disk took me about 2 hours to download, but then the second disk download hung. I tried again, it hung again. Then I went back to metalink (why don’t I learn?) and am trying to download no.3 (and then I’ll return to no.2). However, 75% into the download, the iso download start cralling at less than 10kbps… and right now, with just about 10MB left to download, it’s crawling at close to 4Kbps. What’s up with this? I’m able to surf the net reasonably well, so what’s wrong with the metalink. Anyway, I thought I’d be ready to try out today/tomorrow, but the way things are going, I’ll only be able to test fedora core 6 next year!!!

The funny thing is that even though I typed “mediacheck” the Fedora installer stills wants me to install from the disk after I finished checking. I mean, if I wanted to just install and then restart, there is no visible option to abort install. Instead, I have to remove my CD from the driver, and then I press <CTR> <ALT> <DEL> and then the computer restarts. This is something that needs to be addressed, I guess.

(latest update: No, it didn’t work. After hours and hours of patient downloads, and many many CDs burned and corrupted… I decided to go ahead and pay a Linux distributor to send a DVD to me. It will now be the first Linux distribution I paid for, however, I feel sad that this desperation forced me into such a situation. I hope Fedora Core 6 is worth it)



1. laosboyme - December 30, 2006

Wow! I wish i could also use fedora!!!! Some say its difficult :) but i think you have enough experience to transfer to Fedora! Hurraa!

2. arungoodboy - December 30, 2006

I highly recommend using Bittorrent for linux iso downloads. You can get the torrent files for Zod here: http://torrent.fedoraproject.org/
There mightn’t be much of a speed difference, but you definitely won’t have the connection breaks you’ve been facing.

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