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Linux Mint 2.1 Screenshot January 3, 2007

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in First Impressions, Linux, Linux Mint, Other Distros, Screenshots, Ubuntu, Working with Linux.

So, after the previous post, I eventually got the screen resolution (after some struggle and hit-and-miss) to recognise my 1024/768 resolution with 85 refresh rate. The screen is blinking occassionally (which suggests that this may be a bit too high, still it’s nice to see more screen space).

Linux Mint Screenshot



1. I finally enter the doors of Linux Mint « Tryst with Linux and other Alternatives - January 11, 2007

[…] I finally enter the doors of Linux Mint January 3, 2007 Posted by NAyK in Ubuntu, Linux, Reviews, Other Distros, First Impressions, Working on Linux, Linux Mint. trackback I’m writing this post from Linux Mint 2.1 (Bea), using DeepestSender (a firefox add-on). I will not be posting a screenshot (just yet) of Linux Mint on my desktop because the distro did not recognise my monitor and so I see a gross 800/600 screen, with really huge icons/text and no screen space to do anything. I will have to fix it later, if I continue using Linux Mint, and then maybe I’ll have a screenshot. Right now, I’ll hide! (latest update: I finally fixed the configurations and here is the post with the screenshot) […]

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