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LG3D Project Looking Glass (quick) review January 6, 2007

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in First Impressions, Linux, Other Distros, Reviews.

“Wanna try 3D?” says Distrowatch. “Of course!” says I. “Try LG3D” says Distrowatch. “Sure!” says I. “How was it?” asks the world. “Forgettable!” says I.

After seeing MCN Live / Mandriva One… and what 3D desktop promises to be… I had to try this new Live CD. LG3D (Project Looking Glass) is Java based, ie. uses different technology from the more regular 3D desktops we have around here.

Booting: I burned an .iso onto a CD and booted it on my Desktop. Of course it DID NOT work. My Desktop has neither NVidia nor ATI graphics cards, it has an integrated VIA graphics (U3 Something), and nothing usually works on it anyway. LG3D was no exception.

LG3D does show that Java has potential. In fact, when I loaded this OS, the OS was alive. But everything alive doesn’t mean that it is healthy. LG3D is in urgent need of a makeover!

Next step, my Lenovo. Because it has integrated ATI graphics maybe that’s why the resolution was not that great, but LG3D did recognise my Lenovo’s drivers. My test was on its way.

Display: Considering the display resolution was poor, I don’t think I could see everything as it was meant to do. But I must say that the graphics did look cheap. The default wallpaper photo was also strange. It was a street, with a universit-type building. Why? There was nothing attractive in it, and as soon as I figured it out, I changed the wallpaper immediately.

Navigation: This was the poorest aspect of the distro. The cursor being used was difficult to use, and because it was pointing downwards, a little disconcerting. The cursor was bulky and unfriendly, and there was nothing special being added through 3D that was helping it function as a pointing device better.

The menu was equally poor. It was transparent, so therefore almost invisible. Plus, in conjunction with the strange pointing device, a lot of the times, my clicks were hit and miss.

The other desktop view was also discovered by accident… but there was nothing that naturally led me to believe that if you click on the side of the wallpaper then you will move to the next desktop.

Functionality: A LiveCD today must be measured on whether it adequately displays the technology, but also if it adequately shows the power of the technology in action. In other words, I wasn’t interested in seeing a ‘movie’ of LG3D, I wanted to use it.

I couldn’t connect to my internet connection, and I couldn’t even find a way to do it.

There were no tools to configure the 3D effects, in effect we were just using what was given. The only thing I could change was the wallpaper, through an attempt to look snazzy. If the wallpaper choices were better, it may have been fun to play with, but actually even the scrolling option was ‘too clunky’.

Finally: …I shut down. I couldn’t work on it… and I wouldn’t even recommend this CD to people interested in knowing about alternative operating systems. LG3D does show that Java for an OS has potential. In fact, when I loaded this OS, the OS was alive. But everything alive doesn’t mean that it is healthy. LG3D is in urgent need of a makeover! I don’t think I will ever put on the CD again, but I will surely keep my eye out on any progress this distro makes. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a beautiful Linux, see ELive. If you’re looking to play around with ‘neat’ 3D effects, try MCN Live. Don’t even bother downloading this CD.

ps. No screenshots, because even though LG3D allows screenshots, there’s no place I can save it b/c my harddisk was not recognised. Hmmm.



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