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openSUSE 10.2 KDE/GNOME screenshot January 6, 2007

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Linux, OpenSUSE, Reviews, Screenshots, Working on Linux, Working with Linux.

As my previous post suggests, I enjoyed installing openSUSE on my Lenovo. In fact, I gained a lot from my Ubuntu experience and was even able to do much more configuration on my desktop.

Initially I had installed openSUSE with GNOME because I had become comfortable with Ubuntu. However, in my research of trying to ‘hack’ openSUSE… I realised that I need KDE as well, and so I’ve put KDE (thankfully I have enough space). Plus, there’s a lot more configuration possible in KDE.

Working with SUSE I’ve seen that I prefer KDE. somehow, it seems more powerful, I’m not sure why. I do like GNOME, but KDE is my preferred Desktop Manager? Why? For one, I like the hide possibilities in the panels (the arrows in on either end of the panels). I also like the shut down options in KDE. And, even though I really like GNOME’s Menu Panel (screenshot included below), I like SUSE’s Menu better. Sadly, because SUSE’s menu does not automatically open windows, I have to keep shifting to the traditional KDE menu option. But I like having both, so it’s not so bad. Perhaps I need to do a better GNOME vs KDE comparison, but that’s for another day.

Finally, a word about interoperability. Though I’ve been using KDE primarily, I was intrigued to see that when I added wallpapers in KDE, there was some change in the wallpaper in GNOME. Why? But on a more positive note, Firefox remembered my KDE session when I went to GNOME. Wow, now that’s an inter-relationship!

Below are the screenshots of both desktop managers after configuration. As you can see, I love green!


openSUSE 10.2 GNOME desktop


openSUSE 10.2 KDE desktop

Below are the screenshots that I have recently (22 Jan) added for a menu-bar comparison. I like both, but openSUSE’s KDE’s seems better.


GNOME Menu Bar


openSUSE Menu Bar in KDE



1. bao - January 8, 2007

wow that looks good! i came here through google, i find it kinda cool that your post is already searchable on google! it’s only been a day

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4. bubas - June 14, 2007

Links to wallpapers please…

5. NAyK - June 14, 2007
6. whoever - September 1, 2007

you can hide the panels.
right click a panel and select preferences. then check “show hide buttons” or somthing like that.

7. Shawn - June 10, 2008

in the kde desktop screenshot is that a stock theme your using there or did you install that yourself?

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