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How to edit openSUSE 10.2 KDM login screen January 9, 2007

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in How-To, Linux, OpenSUSE, Working on Linux, Working with Linux.

Another difficult evening, trying to do configurations. Yet with basic success. With some adapted help from this forum and this forum, I finally found a way to remove my blue background and change to black/green.

1. Step One: Identify GDM or KDM?

This is important. For my installation I had first installed GNOME, but now that I’m using KDE mostly, I decided to even have the login manager controlled by KDE (kdm) which means it will be (it is) faster. For that, we need to go to YAST, System, /etc/sysconfig Editor, Display Manager (the first one) and choose KDM.

2. Step Two: Install a kdm theme from http://www.kde-look.org

Sadly, there are not many SUSE oriented kdm themes (and fewer in green!), but a few are enough to get started.Download, and extract your download to this folder (in superuser mode): /opt/kde/share/apps/kdm/themes

3. Step Three: Select your theme in YAST

Back in YAST System, /etc/sysconfig Editor, Display Manager_KDM_THEME (the last one), type the name of your_theme. (Mine was: susegreen).

4. Step Four: Restart Graphic display

Logout, Login, and you should have the new theme. It’s actually that simple!

5. Step Five (optional): Edit the big/graphic image.

If you’re like me, you’ll tweek the graphic image to suit your preference. that can be done in GIMP.

Now, finally, I have only I more blue screen to change… the GRUB image. Hopefully that will be completed soon.

ps. no screenshots because I don’t know how to get a screenshot in the boot process.



1. Niek - May 22, 2007

In the System Administration > Login Manager> you can do a lot of settings to the login manager like for example the background. However that doesn’t work, the login screen stays the same apart from the background image that pops up a split second before the login screen replaces it… What purpose does this Login Manager have??

2. -=RaX=- - August 22, 2007

What Niek said is totally true, that’s exactly what I was thinking. I went there having in mind the possibility to change the login manager and choosing between some offered by default. But surprise !!!! There is not even 1 there to be offered to the user. Just useless choices or most of them not important or w/out big impact in the login manager look.

I’ll try to little guide here, hopefully that’s what I’ve looking for like insane around the web (the way how to change the sad KDE theme coming in Suse)

3. rupesh - March 15, 2008

can anyone guide me how to change the boot screen which says “press esc for details”

4. how to change the login theme - openSUSE Forums - July 23, 2008

[…] theme You might use the links below as a direction to search in, but for 11 I couldn’t find it. How to edit openSUSE 10.2 KDM login screen Tryst with Linux and other Alternatives SuSELinuxSupport: […]

5. Tinioffifus - August 3, 2008

Thanks for the post

6. Organizasyon - July 24, 2010

absolutely wonderful author! I hope you continue this way… thanks a lot.

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