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Dreamlinux 2.2 review: the dream turns sour January 14, 2007

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Dreamlinux, Linux, Linux Mint, Other Distros, Reviews, Working with Linux.

…not quite a nightmare yet, but close, my Dreamlinux 2.2 experience has begun to turn negative.

As I said earlier, the Dreamlinux Multimedia Edition installation process was fraught with problems, and as a result I had to remain my partition. As a result, my Linux Mint 2.1 partition was affected and I lost access to the grub boot.

Then I fixed grub manually, changing the hdc links to the appropriate disk, though some of it was guess work. However, as it turns out, I got the infamour Ctrl-D error during boot process. Ie. whenever I booted onto Linux Mint, the boot process had to be manually moved forward by pressing Ctrl-D. (the error log was in var/log/fsck/checkfs… but that wasn’t quite helpful). I had to also edit some /etc/fstab file… which pushed it along, but couldn’t get rid of the error.

Dreamlinux itself developed a unique problem: The repositories started crashing, not allowing me to update anything completely

Anyway, that wasn’t the worst problem. I swear, but my Linux Mint started underperforming, crashing often. And probably it is a direct result of the renaming of the Linux Mint partition.

Dreamlinux itself developed a unique problem: The repositories started crashing, not allowing me to update anything completely.

Anyway, I also noted that even Dreamlinux does not read hard-disk backed up DVD content through the .ifo file. Neither does Linux Mint, but it showed that Dreamlinux wasn’t that multimedia ready afterall.

I know now I’ll have to reinstall Linux Mint, or even replace it, b/c currently it’s functioning really badly alongside Dreamlinux, and I don’t know how to fix all the problems. However, I haven’t been too impressed with Dreamlinux’ work environment. It too hands now and then, and it just doesn’t feel solid as a distro as say Ubuntu or SuSE.

Another note about Dreamlinux; it’s skype seems an older version to the one in Linux Mint. Doesn’t have that many features. Similarly of course it has Firefox 1.5 etc etc…

So all in all, I’ve been a little disappointed with Dreamlinux, especially since it affected my Linux Mint, which I actually was a more dependable distribution (Though it wasn’t as cool).

I wait and ponder what to do, and if I reinstall Linux on my desktop, it will be at the expense of both Dreamlinux and Linux Mint.

Over to Fedora?



1. John - February 28, 2007

No surprise to hear about your problems with DreamLinux, I experienced the problems myself and gave up with it. Switched to elive for the same look and feel. It is much better.

Linux Mint is 99% Ubuntu and stuff like mintdisk can easily be incorporated using the mint repository.

Yet you seem (to me) to talk about them as two totally different entities. This statement is also based on your earlier post.

Good luck with whatever distro you choose next.

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