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Open Office (Linux) calendar templates January 16, 2007

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Internet, Linux, OpenOffice, Recommendation, Software, Windows, Working with Linux.

Ok, fine. I admit it. Open Office is not as good as WordPerfect. It’s not as good as MS Word. It’s not even as good Star Office. However, it is good. It’s one of the best programmes on any distro. And it is getting better.

Anyway, a few days ago I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t find any calendar templates in Open Office, like I had in Star Office (I really prefered Star Office’s calendar template to MS Word’s). But then I thought I had to go back to Windows, make a file in Star Office and return. However, I decided to try the good ol’ pool of knowledge on the internet first… and viola. I found them on this site.

I’m sure there are more sites for templates and such, but this site gave me a few calendar templates I could use. Basically, you can dowload the files on that site and work on them (adapt them) for your convenience. Good/simple stuff.
In effect, I was saved from returning to Windows (albiet for a brief time), and continuing working on openSUSE.

(summary: for calendar and some other label open-office templates, see this site.)

Another productivity help for Open Office: here.



1. Tim Mills - December 4, 2007

The link seems to be broken.

Here’s one that has a calendar template, though I’m not yet sure how adaptable it is for printing personalized calendars.


2. Anonymous - January 11, 2008

I found http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=87718&package_id=217442 which does a basic monthly or yearly calendar.

3. facebook design - October 10, 2010

I liked seeing this, needed some more images though.

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