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The Fedora Jinx January 17, 2007

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Fedora, Linux.

Can you believe it! I finally decided to PAY for a linux distro. I ordered the Fedora Core 6 DVD through email (linuxbazar) and paid the money by cheque… even paying the additional sum for the company to courier the DVD…

And guess what… the Fedora Core 6 DVD got lost somehow. I admit that my place is hard to find… but it seems the Courier people have delivered it to the wrong address… and worse I’m not able to contact any of the courier people.

So I wrote to the company (linuxbazar), sorta complaining, sorta feeling that I was fated NOT to ever try Fedora…

And then they offered to send the Fedora DVD by (regular) mail. Well, something is better than nothing. Of course it hasn’t reached yet.

I can’t help but think that even though I’ve used almost all major (popular) distros… for over a year… I’ve never ever installed Fedora just because I’ve never been able to get my hands on the .iso’s that work… (I’ve tried since Fedora 5 days)… and I must have wasted over 25 CDs on Fedora faulty burning!

And now this. Hmmm.

Interestingly… after I ordered the DVD… within a few days… the company slashed it’s Fedora DVD cost by almost 70 per cent!

For me, Fedora must be jinxed!!!

(ps. doesn’t mean that I’m not still looking forward to it. I am, I am!)



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