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Flash 9 install (rpm) on openSUSE 10.2: HOW-TO January 18, 2007

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Flash 9, How-To, Internet, Linux, OpenSUSE, Screenshots, Software, Working with Linux.

It was surprisingly quite simple to install the newly-released Flash 9 on openSUSE 10.2. Here’s how I did it.

HOW-TO install Flash 9 on openSUSE 10.2

1. I downloaded the .rpm from www.adobe.com

2. Then afterr ignoring the instructions given in the Adobe site I <right clicked> and chose <install from YAST>.

3. I waited. (till YAST did its job)

4. I tested (using metacafe.com, a flash based video site)

5. And it worked! Result screenshot below.


NOTES: Earlier I was using the Flash 9 beta. And so I think this program Flash 9 just replaced itelf over the earlier version. A neat thing for it to do.

Of course that “settings” security feature of Flash is really irritating. After you load Flash, you have to once again go to the settings site (if you have a local flash object) and reconfigure. *shaking head* Hmmm.



1. Anonymous - January 19, 2007

and u had to post this? i mean really! it’s a simple thing of “rpm ivh …”

2. NAyK - January 19, 2007

To Anonymous: My point exactly! It’s that simple, that’s why I felt it needed to be posted. Of course I have no idea what you mean by “rpm ivh…” so I guess, “simple is relative” with relative consequences as well. :)

3. frakier - September 22, 2007

Considered from a newbies standpoint, this just may be useful. Too many linux users just make assumptions that its all know by everyone. I’ve read so many how-to’s that totally leave the door open on important things, ”that you should already know”. Maybe it is overkill, but then again little tips like this floating around on the internet could just maybe bring a few more people over to linux.

4. iBZnOrange - October 17, 2007

thanks a ton.
i just installed linux on a drive in my computer a few months ago, and havent even used it for these reasons. i look up everything, and its all really descriptive, but i cant find the stuff i should already know, cause i should already know it. but guess what. I DONT lol. Thanks a ton nayk
really helpful.

5. to Anonymous - May 20, 2008

I needed it. Windows-dummies like me don’t know how to use these things. I tried to extract it and double click on everything.

6. J. B. - June 23, 2008

hello guys,

I was reading some comments here and i just like to say that linux is not that simple for simple users, those “microsoft users”. It’s very important to me try to make linux easy to use for simple users. Like a fews years ago linux was used for technicians only because if you don’t have some technicians knowledgment it will be really hard to use or install software and hardware in your linux. I love linux and i’m using and studying his kernel for years, but now i think that it’s time to make linux easy for simple users.


7. tuanquoc - August 30, 2009

it’s very simple :)

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