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More on Ubuntu Christian January 20, 2007

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in First Impressions, Linux, Reviews, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Christian, Working on Linux, Working with Linux.

Some (internal) impressions on Ubuntu…

(latest update: Most of the following impressions are based on Ubuntu CE 2.0 even though I have more recently upgraded to Ubuntu CE 2.1. Ubuntu CE 2.1 actually feels like a better system, simply because they give flexibility over dansguardian).

My internet connection is feeling uncharacteristically slow. (my feeling is that it could be b/c of the dansguardian parental control)

Plus, I’ve ‘fixed’ my screen resolution so that it’s more visible fonts at least, but I’m still losing about an inch of space. (latest update: I’ve changed the screen settings to 1024×768 at 85Hz and size wise this is the best, however it is a darker screen… suggesting that the illumination in this resolution is dim… also it keeps flickering about every minute).

And I’ve just got my first (unfair) parental control of a site, I needed access to (trust me, it was non-problematic), and it didn’t open. Now I have to figure out the settings.

I solved this by installing a script found here that enables and disables dansguardian. It’s stopped it effectively, but I have to check whether it enables it as well. Note, you need to be a member of Ubuntu forums to be able to download the script.

(latest update: as of Ubuntu Christian 2.1, it is easier to install or disable Parental dansguardian. But now it is too easy. It only asks for password once, and after that anyone can disable dansguardian. Not the ideal control!)

…and some external comments on Ubuntu Christian.

This site had a helpful review.

Overall I think that Ubuntu Christian Edition is a good example of a market-specific Linux distribution. It includes features specific to it’s focus but doesn’t break compatibility with it’s parent. It could use a little stronger Christian theme, some introductory documentation for newbies (especially with the Automatix2 legal warnings), and a few more church-related applications. An alternative version for older systems would help to gain access to a wider audience.

Another review, more about the feature of parental control, here.

A Need That Has Finally Been Met. Regardless of your religious feelings with a Linux distribution, the fact is that the inclusion of parental controls (thanks to integrating Dans Guardian features) will mean that Linux using parents everywhere will give Ubuntu CE a very serious look. In actuality, parental controls should not simply be something that is assigned to only one off-shoot version, such as Ubuntu CE. I just can’t believe that Ubuntu standard and Kubuntu have not taken this opportunity by the horns and followed suit. Instead, Edgy is released to the world and we are still in “DIY land” with parental controls, something that should be made available on all home-use operating systems.

And then there’s this extensive review, which even discusses differences between Ubuntu and Ubuntu CE. A recommended read, even though it’s about Ubuntu 6.06. Quote:

Religion on ExtremeTech? Before I get into the details of this review, I want to note that some folks might be irritated or surprised that we’re covering a version of Linux with a religious slant. Personally, I don’t see the problem with it as we aren’t trying to convert anybody to Christianity or any other faith, and people of all faiths (and people without faith) are always welcome here at ExtremeTech. So don’t let the Christian slant bother you if you aren’t a Christian.

From time to time we will be covering off-the-beaten-trail versions of software that you might not have heard of or that might not be your cup of tea. No problem, to each his own in all things. And some non-Christian parents might actually find the content filters in the Christian version of Ubuntu useful for their own family. You don’t need to be a Christian to want to filter out some of the smut available on the Internet.

And finally, some genuinely funny (and some not so funny) lines about Ubuntu Christian, are found here. Samples below:

In Ubuntu Christian Edition, all documents are saved by grace through faith.

In Ubuntu Christian Edition you can burn heretic cds only.

With Ubuntu Christian Edition, you don’t need to surf the web. You can walk on it.

Ubuntu Christian Edition was made in only seven days.

Viruses are not quarantined in Ubuntu Christian Edition… they are handled by a special confessor process who listens to their sins.

Ubuntu Christian Edition’s media player automatically discovers hidden backward messages in rock music.

Ubuntu Christian Edition has an automatic alarm clock every Sunday at 6 AM.

Ubuntu Christian Edition does not have daemons.



1. Gerro - June 10, 2007

I liked the end comments were quite funny. But the reason why parental controls are not included in all linux desktops is because it is against the open source movement of free speech and non digital censorship of code or other things computer related.

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