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Taking a break (=temporary voluntary retirement): from (linux)-blogging January 28, 2007

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Blogging, Confessions, Discussions-Conclusions-Hopes, Internet, Linux, Wordpress.

This post is written as much out of a reaction, and as much out of a desire to gain greater control over my life. Over the past year (especially the past-half-year), I’ve been growingly obsessed about Linux. I have moved from curiosity, to attraction to addiction by spending every single bit of my free time with Linux. This has been further supplemented by this blog, which functions as a ‘feeder’ to this interest. I’ve seen this journalic space grow in size, (yes the blog-stats are addictive). And I’ve even seen a lot of success.

I have enjoyed my tryst with Linux, I have enjoyed the challenges… and I think I have finally graduated from newbie to noob

Being a (man) who revels in challenges, I have enjoyed my tryst with Linux, because I feel I have succeeded. I have used Linux primarily for over a month now, and though I have used Windows XP now and then, it has only been to access software that is currently available only in Windows (I don’t have a Mac) versions, mamely; InDesign, Dreamweaver and Photoshop. The rest of my work… mainly word-processing, browsing, listening to music, and even watching VCD/DVDs has been primarily on Linux. That, for a newbie like me, is a big achievement and I can safely declare… to myself… that I have graduated from newbie stage to become a noob (my definitions of the difference between noob/newbie are here).

I had told myself earlier that my first and foremost desire, for an operating system, was to use it. I have realised that of late my passion for Linux had become a thing in itself. My entertainment, my excitement, my challenges, mostly lie within Linux… and the rest of my life has been in danger of being neglected (not that I have neglected my other life too much yet, but the signs of the danger are already apparent). The biggest loser due to my newfound passion has been movies. I have loved watching movies… but off late I hardly watched movies, because my first preference is to sit infront of a computer and work on some Linux-related issue… and then WRITE about it.

I have realised that to maintain this wordpress linux related blog just feeds into my obsession of writing and wanting to be read… and see this blog-size increase. I don’t think this is a healthy sign for me, or for the blogging community. While I understand that my experiences with Linux contribute to the larger community, I know that I have become so immersed in this life, that my waking(and sometimes sleeping) thoughts have been about linux-related issues. And that is NOT healthy.

It’s not that I don’t have anything else to say. And I will be maintaining my other blogs. On movies (perhaps), but more importantly on my (official) work which I really do love.

Also, it’s not that I am washing my hands off Linux. I have already started helping some friends become attracted to Linux. Also I know I will be continuing to use Linux for most of my work. And even going to Linux forums when things go wrong.

But I know for sometime at least, I am only going to primarily USE Linux, and not WRITE about it. I thus announce my (temporary) voluntary retirement from Linux-related blogging.

I may check up on this site from time to time, and correct a few errors, or even add a few comments now and then. But I will not add a new post in the current future.

I don’t know when I will add a new post. But if and when I do return to write in this blog, I hope would have overcome some of my ‘demons’… and can return to this blogging site a stronger and more wholistic man with varied interests, and possibly something more substantial and meaningful to say.

Thanks for all of you who contributed to this site. See you later, in a better world.



1. Zeth - March 20, 2007

Good luck with the Linux addiction rehab!

PS did you know that your blog was featured in the “Pick of the blogs” article Issue 71 of Linux User and Developer? I was quite shocked to find my blog there too. It might make a nice momento of your blogging days!

2. Command Line Warriors » Blog Archive » Warriors in the World - March 20, 2007

[…] Sadly fame is a curse and the blog featured to the right of mine (TRYST WITH LINUX) has called it a day already. […]

3. Graham - December 31, 2007

Nice to see you got into “Pick of the Blogs”

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