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Mac Spoofs PC. Linux spoofs Mac. April 27, 2007

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Article Watch, Discussions-Conclusions-Hopes, Funny Stuff, Linux, Mac, OpenSUSE, Windows.

OK, I admit it. I just saw these videos. Everyone else must have seen this series long time earlier. Anyway, web means sharing and I would like to “share” these three youtube movies. Obviously, like the MAC ads, these ads are not geared to “inform” the viewers. The Mac ads were supposed to make us snigger at the competition while we feel good about ourselves. Well, these Linux (Novell) videos certainly makes me feel the same!

Linux Exists!

“You’ve grown up fast!” great line. :)

Linux changes. Fast

I really liked this ad, above. It points to the very thing that makes Linux such a strong attraction; configurability and community sharing.

Linux everywhere

The third video, I didn’t like it, probably because I couldn’t believe anyone would want to replace their (expensive) mac os for a linux. Also, it seemed the least realistic ad in terms of Linux’ capabilities visa vi the competition. But at least it made it’s point that Linux works on both systems.

Official Novell site for the ads: http://www.novell.com/video/



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