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Ten things a Linux Fanboy will not tell you: when you install linux May 14, 2007

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Article Watch, Blogging, Confessions, Discussions-Conclusions-Hopes, Funny Stuff, Linux, Windows, Working with Linux.

Yes, I read the original list here. And as most lists are, it included somethings it shouldn’t have, and missed somethings it shouldn’t have. So, anyway, here’s my list (and perhaps my exaggerated confessional!) based/built on the earlier list.

When you install Linux (10-1)

10) You will not lose all your athletic abilities, rather you will get quite good in speed-typing and could even qualify for the regionals.

09) Your reading literature will drastically change. No more People/Hello/Filmfare, only OSNews, Slashdot, Wired. As a result, you will know less about what’s happening to Anjelina Jolie’s adopted children from Africa/India and more about what’s happening to Linus Trovalds, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs!

08) Yes, you will eventually sell all your hardware because you are righteously angry that none of the workarounds to make them work on Linux are supported by the Free Software Foundation (FSF). But then as you go to buy the latest hardware you will see that you will STILL need some proprietary software/drivers/workarounds after all. But by then you will get off the ideological high-horse and install the new hardware with proprietary stuff anyway, because at least your wife is letting you upgrade your computer!

07) You will write more! Much more. Especially in blogs like this one, in the hope that you will spread the Linux love. And there will be plenty of encouragement because people will read the drivel you write! And no, you will not write “Bill Gates is the devil” nonsense, because it is stereotypical, passe and crass. Instead, you will adopt cool jingoism that shows how clever you are… like saying micro$oft, and instead of saying “let’s google it” you will now say, “let’s distrowatch it” Yeah! How cool are we!

06) You will do your best to convince the world that Linux is free, user-friendly and compatible. You will wax eloquent about open-source philosophy, free-speech and peace on earth. But as you continue in the Linux world, you will also get to know bitorrent technology, and will discover a new world of internet piracy that lets you download cool Windows-based programs for free! You will justify this by saying that micro$oft has enough money anyway, forgetting that some simple people like you are probably working on the software that you just ripped off!

05) When your multimedia codecs (etc) don’t work in Linux, you will rant against proprietary drivers and corporate law. Ultimately, though you will get the darn movie (file) to work on Linux and feel really proud of it! But you will also realise that you took 10 times longer to get stuff done than you would have if you had stuck to Windows (of course you will convince yourself that this is time well invested, things will improve, things will improve!!!)

04) Yes you will try-out a gazillion linux distributions, while you dis all Windows from 95 to Vista! Of course you will begin ranting against Windows in your brand new Linux. Then you will dual boot and do some work in windows and some in Linux. And oftentimes, when things don’t go too well… you will continue to rave about Linux and rant against Windows, in Windows!!!

03) You will get popular for a minute (not 15) and then geek out of this stratosphere. You will become The social misfit, That Linux-guy, and the person people will remember as “yes I knew him, but wish I didn’t”

02) while you become a champion of the poor and opensource community, arguing for cheaper software costs, your electricity bill will jump, your internet download bill will go up, and you will increase medication for eye-strain and headaches!

01) And after two years with Linux you will look back at a list like this, and say, “wow, it was worth it!” And continue your Linux journey!



1. adventuremonkey - May 15, 2007

Great Post!

2. posted from pclos - May 15, 2007

Excellent piece.

3. Top Posts « WordPress.com - May 15, 2007

[…] Ten things a Linux Fanboy will not tell you: when you install linux Yes, I read the original list here. And as most lists are, it included somethings it shouldn’t have, and missed […] […]

4. TEFLocal Community - May 15, 2007

Thanks for posting the screenshots!


5. thanasisk - May 15, 2007

Not very objective.
Linux has a number of pitfalls and what I call ¨the archetypal Linux fanboi mentality¨ is a nasty thing, but not as bad as this article makes it to be. Perhaps I am missing a bit of irony?

6. Talal - May 15, 2007

it was worth it

7. Anonymous - May 24, 2007

i swear to god it was worth it !

8. Anonymous - July 31, 2007

Ubuntu was certainly worth it. It misses some support, but not as much as I feared and somehow I ended up with more space.
I couldn’t even install all the other distro’s.

9. olaf - July 6, 2008

That sucks balls, Linux, or at least Ubuntu is way worse than windows. Instead of the “blue screen of death” which I’m not supposed to get, I get an even worse black screen very frequently. I think I’m going to go back to xp.

10. Anonymous - January 24, 2009

It was worth it a million times over, and continue to be worth it for the rest of my linux-using life.
-a linux girl (yes we do exist!)

11. Charles Norrie - February 8, 2009

This list is simply silly!

12. Eeeyot - March 12, 2009

gamay ka ug otin yo! hehahahahahahah!

13. Bob the Chef - March 5, 2010

Stupid. You are a fanboy. And I still can’t print under linux.

And just because it’s free doesn’t make it better, dumbass.

14. Armand - July 12, 2010

I’ve read your article, i wish not (what a piece of crap). Piracy exist as long as propetary patents, didn’t started along Linux, for god sake!!!

15. Formula 7 - August 12, 2010

Hello, site author. Thank you sharing this very beautiful.

16. Returning to the Source — the Open Source « ACG|Blog - November 5, 2010

[…] Linux users are an entirely different breed of people. They know what an operating system is — after all, they likely installed Linux themselves. They understand that most of what they see in stores can’t be run on their computers, but many are willing to tinker with it anyways just to be certain. They know that buying anything, from buying a printer to a digital camera to a voice recorder, may require research on their part, since these products do not go out of their way to say whether they are Windows or Mac capable, and for good reason: Linux is a mess. Linux challenges the notion that computers are products and that our use of them should be limited to what the computer manufacturer or software designer decides. Linux users want the freedom to compute in the way that they desire, without unnecessary — some would deem scary — restrictions. As a result, no single entity controls or speakers for Linux, nor is there one form of Linux. Sometimes, Linux users themselves are the loudest speakers on behalf of Linux, and for them, that can be empowering. […]

17. Alexander - November 17, 2010

I dont get it, u linux user want freedom, but ur os is not very compatible with much actual hardware and much software (u say that u can use wine, but as an emulator (thats what it is say what u say) wine cant emulate all window’s programs, not to mention that much of the programs it emulates have missing features, photoshop x example) and that is the mayor limitation an os can have (thats just my point of view) i dont think im limitated to what “the computer manufacturer or software designer decides” cuz… u know… i use the software i want the way i want, i mean u cant expect a software or hardware be perfect(perfection doesnt exist); ok the system its free, but free doesnt mean better at all. Dont think im defending windows, cuz windows got its fails and they r BIGS and they r A LOT, but windows mayor problem r the users, they want something that last forever and dont need to be worried about it, and windows needs REGULAR maintenance, u cant leave ur system in the air the OS its the “MOST IMPORTANT PROGRAM IN UR COMPUTER”; I (for example) have never seen a blue screen in my computer, that doesn mean that i dont think it dont exist, i know it does. Linux totally rox in servers but thats all, i used debian, i used fedora, i used ubuntu, and well maybe im expected to much, but when i heard linux its cool, linux its a light os, linux dont get virus, linux its easier to use, linux its easier install, linux install all drivers for u, linux its FREE!, i expected all of that but my video card (nvidia gts 250) wasnt installed at all(and never was), i needed to use commands to install codecs! (for god’s sake, not even ’98) not to mention i had to use a tutorial to do it (a tutorial to install?), amsn linux fanboys says its much better than windows live, but… amsn doesnt even reach windows live’s heels, to install chromium was an odyssey, needless to say that after 3 distros i decided to not leave windows until i can buy a mac :\.
so u say… windows can’t do a half linux can… but my personal experience its another one, sorry if i bother some linux fanboy here, but thats the true.

18. GameOver - January 7, 2011

I was a total against Linux, but im willing to let bygones be bygones, that and i love trying out new software

Love the ones that go on rants that they were sick of the constant viruses, adware, spyware that bloated there windows systems as the reason for moving to Linux

Hmmm maybe they should look at there own habits and stupidity. I dunno i’ve used Windows from 3.1 to 7 and could count on 2 hands the amount of times i’ve had a virus that wasnt easily handled or lost data.

Windows also takes up considerably more HD space so it goes without saying the windows style partitions will get bloated and slow down.

Currently trying Mint 10 on my laptop and im impressed that i didn’t have to supply any drivers or anything for the hardware, neither i might add did i for Vista or Windows 7 on that machine. Biggest difference none of the software for controlling those hardware exists or works under linux so it’s all basic controls. and visually Mint looks nice and clean and very typical of Mac OS and Windows which is a bonus for people converting.

Update manager could do with some tweaking to actually name the updates as it is in Ubuntu and definately needs easier ways to install all downloaded stuff and Linux still only scratches the surface of what windows does easily. but does have it’s advantages

19. sochiye - January 17, 2011

great man, thank you.
i hate linux as much as you do, i come to this post by searching “linux fanboy”

20. Disgruntled - March 22, 2011

I’ll stick with Linux thank you. As a an IT Professional supporting 800+ windows based units across the country and the daily support issues associated with the OS, I’m happy to use a ubuntu based workstation (Linux Mint) and going home to my linux computers without having to worry about them.

My HTPC running XBMC Linux plays my media without hiccups, unlike the Windows based HTPC I’ve tried. I just don’t want to have to think about it.

21. Crissy - April 5, 2011

Most of the people that use Linux over windows, have made that choice. Most of the people that use windows, don’t even know they have a choice. If they had bought a computer with Linux on it at first, they’d never dream of using windows.

22. GameOver - April 5, 2011

I’ve used Windows all my life and given Linux the benefit of the doubt the whole time, but to date there’s nothing worth changing over for.

Windows does 95% of what everyone needs better & easier. Only things worth using Linux for are the ability to easily upgrade installed software, the ability to try b4 fully installing, small HD space used and some funky desktop effects, that i might add Windows can do the same.

Hardware support in Linux though comprehensive is basic,Windows gives you far more power.

23. Exim - July 10, 2011

I’ve actually switched to Windows (Vista), after 5 fulltime years in Linux and had Linux as a second option in grub but with time out set to 1.

Now, I’m in Windows 7 solely, with ubuntu (it sucks..) and osx (it sucks even more…) as vmware images on my D:


Cool. Linux does not support my wireless hardware. Now I get to spend 50 hours hacking NS driver or whatever bullshit workaround that doesn’t work. Hurray!1!!!!!11!!! 2011 is the year of the Linux Desktop!!!1 !1 !one!11 So is 2012 and 2013 and beyond because wireless doesn’t work!!1!!!1 ! All the rest of you Windoze users are morons because your wireless adapter works with minimal time spent!!!! Your crossfire setup also works in windows!!!! YES YES YES. YOU MUST BE MORONS BECAUSE YOUR HARDWARE WORKS IN WINDOWS AND YOU DONT USE LINUX!!!!!!


Crissy, you are such a fucking moron. Even my 62 year old mom knows there exists something called Linux. And so does my sister who does MARKETING for a living. PEOPLE KNOW THAT LINUX EXISTS. They just don’t use it because it’s bullshit on the desktop. Stop spewing FUD about people “not knowing Linux exists”. You’re wrong.

26. tuxph - July 24, 2011

i didn’t like ubuntu, i love sabayon, now learning how to install gentoo on virtualbox before making it my permanent OS. in 2 years i’ll be a gentoo geek =)

27. Ten things a Linux Fanboy will not tell you: when you install linux (via Tryst with Linux and other Alternatives) « tuxph - July 24, 2011

[…] Ten things a Linux Fanboy will not tell you: when you install linux (via Tryst with Linux and other Alternatives) Leave a Comment Posted by tuxph on July 24, 2011 Yes, I read the original list here. And as most lists are, it included somethings it shouldn't have, and missed somethings it shouldn't have. So, anyway, here's my list (and perhaps my exaggerated confessional!) based/built on the earlier list. When you install Linux (10-1) 10) You will not lose all your athletic abilities, rather you will get quite good in speed-typi … Read More […]

28. Jordon - September 29, 2011

In Linux mint, as I write this and before that went back to windows – guess what? I kept getting lots of spyware, got some trojans too from an email. Got sick of that went back to linux again and still ranting against windows. Let’s face it windows is not as secure as linux is because the people who write the computer viruses are more likely to target windows because that’s what the majority of people use. To be fair it’s possible to get viruses etc in linux as well but it’s a less likely outcome. Linux works with most of my hardware out of the box, so I have no real issues with it. I get joy from learning how to use and control my computer in Linux, I also have the freedom to install it on as many computers as I like without the hassle of cd keys and activating my OS and being treated like a criminal every time I have to reinstall it. The universal software business there is no such thing, not all software works 100% in both windows and linux and vica versa, the computing world is not perfect but I have most of what I need. And if I really need anything well there’s always ………….windoze zzzzzzzzzz.

29. anonyous_user - October 5, 2011

What a bunch of bollocks. Linux is better than Windows, especially if you get a computer tech to install it and configure it for you, that way you know that everything will work properly, including printing, etc… I am a computer technician and each time that I am requested to install Linux I make sure that it works 100% well and that every of my customer’s hardware is fully covered.

30. Roy - October 28, 2011

I find this and the comments lame.

An OS is a tool. Use tools to accomplish something.

Linux is used by some great companies because it is scalable (not a lot of licensing costs) While propitiatory software is not as scalable because of licensing costs.

To you and me it is irrelevant. As most of what we do is search the web. You can do that on Linux, Windows and Apple. Apart from that it is about what you want to do, how much control you want and how easy you want to do it.

If you cannot answer the previous questions pick either the pretty and expensive Apple or the not as expensive Windows (yet still costly).

None of the these will go away until after I die (still got a half of century in me)

31. Eric McCann - January 9, 2012

If you are using Linux, and Hate Windows, you are closed minded, and have not experienced the Joy in Windows. I like windows, it’s useful for almost every application. If you are a linux fanboy, chances are, you are a programmer, a network engineer, or a metaverse socialite with social anxiety issues. Commercialism is important for everyone. Have you ever seen an open source car available to everyone? Linux is important, and absolutely necessary when it comes to security. However, you cannot, (No matter what the fanboys tell you) do nearly as much with it, as you can in Windows with regard to Entertainment, Graphics, and gaming. Now, for obscure coding and other implementations of software, sometimes linux is all that is available, which is why I have used it many times for different reasons. However, it is not user friendly in any way. Installing the software and running it can be as buggy as a windows machine, and dual booting is almost out of the question since it is boot greedy. I have lost tons of information installing linux, because it allocated more disk space than I delegated to it. Instead of partitioning 30gb, it took 500gb of my drive for it’s file system. I have had to repair my grub boot loader, and my windows master boot record twice in the past. It has frozen many times, because as open sourced software, it’s incredibly unstable. Almost nothing is compiled like a binary in windows, so it’s very inefficient, another draw back really. You have to be a linux fanatic to want to use it, because for every day life, you don’t want to spend time figuring out all of the commands, and implementing those commands in long lines of code. You can’t say it’s better, because most people will not use Linux, because it’s not user friendly. Your argument is void if you believe that it’s better. Why aren’t companies using it for their software? Because nobody else likes it. You go with the consumer base, not what the companies pick and choose. The fact is, the reason people in the linux world don’t want to give out self installing software for linux, is because they think they are owed something in return for it. They refuse to make it easily available because they are greedy commercialists themselves. Nobody can have it because I spent time making it. Welcome to the capitalist world you hypocrite, that’s why socialism doesn’t work. Not even in the Linux world.

32. Abc guy - September 6, 2012

I like windows

33. A old Linux guy - October 22, 2012

Haha, I had some form of linux installed on a desktop and two laptops, I eventually got sick to death of having something breaking down all the damn time, whether it be my sound drivers, video drivers or updates fucking up the whole damn system!
Tried Windows 7, I uninstalled everywhere I had linux then tossed all linux CD’s in the trash.

I like Windows and I like things “just working”.

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