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How this “poor chap” fixed his GRUB May 27, 2007

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Article Watch, Confessions, How-To, Linux, PCLinuxOS, Working with Linux.

Recently I ooh-ed and aah-ed about PCLinuxOS 2007. But one gripe I did have was that it messed up my GRUB (ie. it recognised my Windows but it did not recognise my openSUSE partition). While writing that point, I confessed that I have some GRUB problems with many distros and only Ubuntu in my experience recognises and boots everything correctly. I then confessed that I have actually installed an entire Ubuntu distribution (in the past, but on more than one occasion *blush blush*) to fix my GRUB!

Later, I saw a GRUB fixing how-to post that was intended to help ME fix my GRUB, and it referenced me as “the poor chap”. Which I admittedly am! :) The helpful techinical post is found here: http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/16701

Anyway, I was inspired to fix my GRUB, but the post was a little complicated for a noob like me. And so I did what I usually do, go for shortcuts and hope for the best. The following text is extrapolated from the comment I wrote in that post. Hope that helps some people, though I would urge as many people as possible better read the helpful techinical post to get a better idea of how to REALLY fix the thing.


Hey thanks for your effort, but what you wrote, for a person like me, was tooo scary. Really, I’m one of these people who find it difficult to read too much technical stuff… and so I found it difficult (and scary) to read your help. But you did inspire me to fix my GRUB immediately, and so, I did. And this is how I did it.

Firstly, taking on from your pointer, I realised that GRUB is just code. Thanks for that pointer.

Secondly, I realised that I actually needed to “cut and paste” only. Thanks for this pointer too.

However what I did, was I went to my openSUSE GRUB menu.lst and opened the file (using su) and then I copied openSUSE’s boot code, which in my case was

title openSUSE 10.2
root (hd0,3)
kernel /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/hdc4 vga=0x317 resume=/dev/hdc3 splash=silent
initrd /boot/initrd

I pasted this to the end (replacing my previous openSUSE detailed attempt). And then tested.

Viola, it worked!

Now I know that people like me are the bane of linux. Meaning, if I knew the code, I’d understand it… but instead, more and more, a generation of windows-based users (like me) are infiltrating linux and filling the space with a desire for ‘easy’ solutions. I try not to be one of them, but sometimes I am. However, I guess I have to go with my strengths. I don’t think I will ever be friendly about understanding code (cut and paste solutions are just about all that I can do), and so I guess I want to thank you again for taking the time to address this issue… and hopefully there will be more people who will read your entry and actually UNDERSTAND what they’re doing.




1. Sprung - May 27, 2007

Another ‘cut and paste’ page to add to your GRUB collection:

GNU/Linux: Replacing boot floppy with GRUB floppy
Keywords: Upgrading Redhat 8 to Redhat Fedora Core 6


2. Airdrik - May 29, 2007

There’s nothing wrong with wanting easy solutions. I’ve been using linux on my personal laptops for a couple of years and though I understand and can find my way through technical solutions, I prefer easy (graphical whenever possible) solutions because they are just that.

There’s a reason I never got wine to work on Fedora 6: I wasn’t willing to take the time necessary to get it to work–there was no nice solution. There’s a reason I never used any 3d effects on Fedora 6: It had issues to start, not to mention it being particularly slow, and I could see no easy way to fix it.

My solution: switch to a new distro, which I have picked PCLOS because it has a reputation of being particularly easy to use out of the box. The one feature that grabs me to this distro over Sabayon and Ubuntu is the control panel where you can easily (graphically) configure everything you need (presumably. I haven’t tried, yet).

I’ve waited quite a long time for the final version to come out. my next step is to back-up what I want to keep from the hard drive (pics, music, etc) and install the distro.

3. Loanshub - June 1, 2007

At least now we have strong hope of having somebody standing straight against microsoft…… Buck up

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