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Green Wallpapers (some links) June 14, 2007

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Linux, Mac, Recommendation, Wallpapers, Windows, Working with Linux.

I like Green. And would love to promote more Green wallpapers for Linux or otherwise. Here are some links of some abstract and nature ‘green’ wallpapers that might interest a few. All these links are from kde-look.org After you click you can download from the site directly.


Other sizes



1. dosnlinux - June 14, 2007

Thanks! I love green wallpaper :)

2. Dirk Gently - June 16, 2007

I don’t get the obsession with “official” wallpapers. Resize any image with a high enough resolution to the size of your desktop and point it there…..instant hi-res custom wallpaper of your choice. I used to collect them, but found perhaps 30 that I liked using, the rest were just taking up space and never got used.

I’ll be buying a new monitor in a few weeks which means that my resolution will shoot up from 1024×768 (which all my wallpapers are in now) to 14 (something….can’t remember exactly) widescreen. Resizing upwards will lose quality, it’s also 4:3 to 16:9 which means even more magnification to avoid the borders or a collage effect.

I understand the thrill of wallpapers such as Digital Blasphemy. Those are works of art, but a simple pattern getting the hype of a “wallpaper”? C’mon……it’s a close up hi-res image, that’s all. Some are not even hi-res.

My criteria for suitable images (part of my attention looks at EVERY image I see, on EVERY website assessing it as potential wallpaper material) is that it must be one image (no collage) after resizing, with all the important parts of the image visible (after cropping to the right ratio), and of a high enough quality after a possible enlarging to be visible on screen as pin-sharp. Print images must be considerably sharper, but screen only allows much more leeway.

They must also be happy to sit in the background, there are going to be icons on top of it, they must not get hidden or hard to find on top of a busy image. I’ve seen many great images which fit everything else but must be discarded for this use simply because they are too busy. The whole point of a “shortcut” is not that you waste any time saved by it being a one-click-desktop-option by having to find a needle in a haystack of icon-like areas. That defeats the purpose of a “shortcut”.

I have no idea the legalities of grabbing and using any image I see that way, but frankly I don’t care. My PC is my own, in my own home, used by only me. The images I alter and use are only seen by me on my own desktop.

All of this does of course require minimal skills in an image manipulation program like GIMP……and an imagination charged with the freedom to express yourself. At least with KDE you can set a different wallpaper for each virtual desktop, making the background image an aid to knowing which desktop you’re currently on.

The login screen backgrounds are the same, simple images at the correct resolution. These (unless I’m mistaken) require copied to the correct directory to be available.

This turned out a longer response than I planned, so I’ll end it here. In summary…..why stick to basic patterns and get excited by blandness? Use your imagination and truly make your PC an expression of your unique personality. You switched to Linux for a freedom you choose not to use.

3. NAyK - June 16, 2007

To Dirk: “use your imagination and truly make your PC an expression of your unique personality.”

As I see it, I too would like to use wallpapers etc as an expression of “unique personality” and I would allow people, even myself if I choose, to use ‘traditional’ or ‘basic patterns’ or ‘blandness’ as an expression of that “unique personality.”

What I mean to say is that you have prioritized difference/uniqueness/or exciting wallpapers as the legitimate wallpapers to use. I would say, people who choose “normal” / “traditional” wallpapers may in fact CHOOSE those very wallpapers as an assertion of their personality and any compromise towards manipulation of wallpapers would be counter to their unique personality.

Of course I too prioritize something, and that is CHOICE. Like “Lord Jim” (and other existential characters) we need to assert our choice to show (to ourselves at least) that we live; that we are subjective beings (not animals).

Hence, it is OK even to stick to a default wallpaper if in fact the person CHOOSES to stick with it. However, because too often people use default wallpapers because they are too lazy to assert their choice, or do not even know they have a choice, or even change wallpapers because their friends want them to assert their unique personality, all these options just show how we are controlled by the environment, and live like beings without choice.

In summary: The importance is choice. For wallpapers and life. And stick with your choices even if others don’t like them. Dialogue with other choices, to enlarge your options, but don’t compromise to stop doing what you really want to do!

4. Dirk Gently - June 16, 2007

True enough. I am a creative person, I try to set up my environment with things that will spark me, the top real estate is my wallpaper, since it’s there every time I close a program, boot up etc.

It’s maybe that I’ve yet to see a good “bland” wallpaper. That’s all subjective of course. It’s maybe that I’ve figured that a change of wallpaper is such an easy branding of a PC, that I don’t understand why people don’t want to express themselves with it. Many companies have policies forcing their PCs to be the same corporate wallpaper, so the users choice is not an issue.

Some people are not creative, they have no need or want to be distracted by stray thoughts. I guess that comes down to what you use your PC for.

I just see anything pitched as “wallpapers” and expect something a little more creative than the examples you’ve listed. This is not a slight on you, this is quite a common thing.

My parents have the standard default Windows hill scene on their XP through choice…..and (I think) don’t want to have to remember how to change it back if I help them choose an image they like better.

If you haven’t seen the Digital Blasphemy wallpapers…..have a look, they will blow your mind.


5. dosnlinux - June 16, 2007

I’ve had the default Xfce wallpaper on my Linux box for over a year, more an attempt to give my desktop feeling an unopened box still in the shrink wrap than anything.

This is slowly changing, and my I change wallpapers about once a month on my Windows install. I usually like simple (not sure if they qualify as bland) wallpapers with earthtones like this one (http://art.gnome.org/backgrounds/gnome/1039)

6. NAyK - June 16, 2007

To DirkGently: You’re right. digitalblasphemy does have some amazing stuff… and I guess sometimes people CHOOSE bland/boring/mundane wallpapers because they don’t know any better. Only when we allow our horizons to be opened can we choose more freely. Choice makes choosing possible. Better options makes better choices possible. Thanks for the link.

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