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…and I thought openSUSE was hard! (Or, the pains of installing the new Ubuntu) October 19, 2007

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Ubuntu, Working on Linux.

Previously I wrote about the terrible time I was having with downloading and installing openSUSE 10.3. But as I was tempted by and decided to install the new Ubuntu 7.10, I was in for a major shock. I spent all of two days, trying to get any form of Ubuntu/Kubuntu iso… burned it… and have still to get it to work! I’m currently on my third attempt. Basically, this is what happened…

Yesterday I downloaded 7.10. Obviously the servers were very slow so I found a reasonable speed in a Taiwan server. It was also slow (look more the four hours), but it worked. I looked forward eagerly to install it. I checked the mdsums and they were correct (using K3B) so I burned it on a CD.

Usually, a K3B burned CD works fine without needing CD-checks, but I decided to check this installation CD using mediacheck before installing. Surprisingly it found an error in an open office package. I thought there was an error in burning, so I checked MDSUMS and burned again. Once again, at mediacheck, it showed an error.

Frustrated, I decided to try out Kubuntu, hoping for a better result. I downloaded it all day today… took more than 5 hours… and burned the CD. Again, the MDSUMS were correct. And it opened nicely for the installation choices. But when I clicked the mediacheck… nothing happened. I tried clicking installation… nothing happened. The only option I could click was boot from harddisk. I restarted the computer and tried again. Same (non)result. I then tried to let Kubuntu boot by itself… using the 30seconds timeout… same (non)result. I then went to the text based install… and there was… an error in the disk!!!

Frustrated… I tried to install Ubuntu, even though it was corrupted… thinking that since openoffice is one of the last packages… I may be able to get it done… I could then fix Ubuntu from inside. And… for about an hour I went through the whole install… all the options etc… and then, even the packages… installed… crashing once during package install but nicely allowing me to move one. Then, after installing GRUB, I rebooted… and guess what, no Ubuntu Linux. It hadn’t changed my GRUB and there was no way to boot into the new Ubuntu.

So, well… I’m back to trying to install Ubuntu again… this time I’m using Distrowatch’s iso file…. slow yes, but hopefully more dependable.



1. Anonymous - October 19, 2007

Use torrent!

2. NAyK - October 20, 2007

To Anonymous: Thanks for your concern and yet, let me tell you that torrents are blocked where I am.

3. Dumb user - February 13, 2008

I installed ubuntu and kbuntu without a problem but have problems with ACPI big time. The OpenSUSE is a problem, the live CD KDE version boot from CD but will not boot when installed, the GNOME CD will not boot. Too bad because it’s better than ubuntu. The insrtall documentation and live support is for programmers not the end user.

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