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7 Firefox extensions (add-ons) I can’t live without October 24, 2007

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Confessions, Firefox, Open Source, Software, Working with Linux.

(UPDATED on 1 December, 2007… with links to the extensions. I should have thought of that earlier!)

One of the pains of installing so many distros is configuring Firefox exactly as I would want it; especially this means loading the right extensions (add-ons). Seriously, there are some firefox extensions (add-ons) that I can’t live without and the following is the list that I need. It’s personal (of course), suited only to my need, so this list is not normative for anyone.

1. Tab Mix Plus: this extension is important for the simple reason that it allows me to set the new tab as my “home page”. I have my own home page and I need each new tab to open as my homepage, and for now I only know Tab Mix Plus that enables me to do this. Earlier this extension was useful for session saving as well; but now Firefox does it by itself. Still, this is by far the most important feature for me; and one I can’t live without.

2. Gmail manager: I’m not sure about the legality of having more than one gmail account, but I do have more than one. Plus, I manage my spouse’s email account as well as our home account. For that I need an extension to tell me whether I’ve gotten mail or not; and this extension is a life-(time)-saver! It is better than the “Gmail notifier” extension simply because its configurability power. I especially like the fact that a snippet of the mail is visible so that I can choose to open the email immediately or wait.

3. PDF download: A strangely popular extension (I wouldn’t expect it would be), but one that I certainly need. When dealing on-web research, especially within the PDF format, I’m surprised that Firefox doesn’t give options of what to do by default. Regardless, this exension allows me to choose to download a PDF file or open it directly. Extremely helpful.

4. FlashGot: Somehow it seems downloading videos from video sites like youtube.com etc is a big thing… and Firefox has many extensions useful for that (I think Downthemall is very popular too). I don’t usually download videos, however. It’s not my scene. Instead, I find this extension is useful for any download that I am doing… especially when it gives me options to download multiple links simultaneously and links directly to my Windows download manager Orbit and my KDE manager KGET (somehow KGET isn’t as sharp as Orbit, but that’s another story).

5. Firefox Showcase: Since IE7 has is naturally (and I think even Opera does it naturally), I hope Firefox will have it naturally too. But Firefox Showcase, as an extension, is especially useful for seeing what’s on multiple tabs. I don’t use this much, but when I do, it’s indespensable.

6. CustomizeGoogle: Of course google.com is the king of search! But CustomizeGoogle adds certain links to the google.com search page that allows me to search other sites for the thing that I need. It’s always good to have options, I guess.

7. AdBlock plus. I just recently added this extension to block ads after browsing a CLEAN site with some surprisingly embarrassing ads. Doesn’t help if your mother in law is watching you work! :)

Of course there are many more extensions that I use, and sometimes don’t, but the above really improve the browsing experience for me.


MinimizeToTray: This is one extension I’ve only just started using and I’ve been wondering why I didn’t use it sooner. It really helps save screen/desktop space.

GSpace: I haven’t actually tried it (though I’ve installed it). This extension allows your GMail account to be used as an online harddrive. The promise of an online harddrive is attractive, though I don’t know about the legalities about this. I would be more put at ease if Google itself launched an extension like this… so for now, I think simple file transfers/backups would be the order of the day.

DeepestSender: A wordpress blog editor; which allows you to update wordpress blogs without actually going into wordpress. I’ve used it off and on, and sometimes it is helpful because of its speed.



1. Embedded - October 25, 2007


Tabbrowser Preferences and Session Manager.

To me it feels better than Tab Mix Plus.

I load No Script, Adblocker, Colorful Tabs always!

2. Daniel - October 25, 2007

Try out the Stumble Upon extension, it’s very nice when you get bored.

3. Anonymous - October 27, 2007

I don’t know if I’m stupid but I can’t grasp the reason you use Tab Mix Plus.. Is it that you want multiple tabs to open with different pages when you start Firefox, i.e multiple Start up homepages ? That can be done with firefox internally..
http://www.google.com|www.yahoo.com or just use the button “Use current pages”.

And that you just recently started using AdBlock and have it as a runner up speaks for it self..

4. NAyK - October 27, 2007

To Anonymous: No you’re not stupid. Though probably you’re trying to imply that I am. But that’s ok, perhaps I wasn’t clear enough.

Tab Mix plus has one functionality that Firefox does not have… and that’s the ability to make the homepage open in the new tab. I’m not talking about multiple tabs, but the new tab that I open, I want it to be the homepage. If you know how to do that through Firefox alone, let me know.

About Adblock Plus, well… I don’t care about advertising. Sometimes it does even help. So big deal if I use it or not. It’s certainly not the most important extension for me.

Thank you for taking the effort to pen down some of your thoughts.

5. Dan - October 29, 2007

I will throw a couple favs out here:

Scrapbook – capture webpages and save them for future reading

Clipmarks – similar to scrapbook, but just with certain items on a page (great for research)

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchonizer – sync your bookmarks

IE Tab – for those pages that just do not work correctly in Firefox

6. Jim - October 30, 2007

I cannot surf the net (enjoyably) without All-In-One-Gestures. Scroll, close, or create new tabs (to name the most common features) with a just a quick flick of the mouse (no reposition necessary). Use it for a day and surfing without it will become nigh impossible.

7. Nayla - October 31, 2007

this is another letter to u i am realy sad girl that people are mean to me and when i sing they realy want me to sing in the play!

8. ryan - November 8, 2007

could you tell me where you got that wallpaper from? thanks

9. NAyK - November 8, 2007

To ryan: which one? here’s one wallpaper I use for openSUSE

the link to the wallpaper is: http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Th_URch?content=37932

The flower (for PCLOS) is I think called “sky flower” (I think) and is found in the kde-look.org site.

The flower in the Ubuntu site is also called “sky flower” and found through google images.

10. BobCFC - November 22, 2007

I’ve switched to Flock since the beginning of the month, which is a 21centuary fork of Firefox.

Most of the extensions still work and I can’t live without AdblockPlus and FlashBlock. Fullerscreen is cool too which gives you even more real estate when you press F11.

I used to use the de.licio.us plugin too but that is integrated into Flock now so I don’t need it anymore.

11. Idetrorce - December 15, 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

12. munim - January 1, 2008

I have been looking for an extension for KGet! Didn’t know Flashgot supports it..

13. Otto - January 13, 2008

I also like Linky (open multiple links in a page at once), EditCSS, Greasemonkey, Firebug (advanced javascript console), Pearl Crescent Screen Saver (take snapshots of pages), Cookiesafe (cookie management in a domain basis), Web Developer, FlashBlock, delicious…

14. Richard Crocker - June 19, 2008

Hi NAyK,

I just came across your mention of PDF Download above and thought I’d contact you to see whether you’d be interested in participating in a private beta for the upcoming PDF Download 2.0. The program starts today and is limited to a small number of existing PDF Download users.

If this is of interest, please email me privately and I’ll send you info on PDF Download 2.0 and how you can get started with the beta.


PDF Download
Nitro PDF Software

15. Brutellio - July 7, 2008

Hello. I enjoyed reading your website.
Have a wonderful day and keep up the good work.

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17. name - September 1, 2008

Good day!,

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