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HOW-TO fix “Timeout on Server” in openSUSE 11 June 27, 2008

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in How-To, Linux, OpenSUSE, samba, Software, Windows, Working on Linux, Working with Linux.
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Continuing my involvement with openSUSE 11, I am happy to report than now even my office network is connected and browsable (yesterday I had printing success). So things are going well. For now.

1. The problem was that I had attempted to connect to my office network like the openSUSE 10.2 days, and instead found that SAMBA (smb://) was giving me problems and not allowing me to even see my network.

2. I thought it was a KDE4 problem so I installed KDE3.5, and stopped the firewall, and instantly I was able to browse my network through SMB.

3. All good, I thought, until I got the dreaded “Timeout on Server” message when I tried to reaccess the server. I do remember seeing this message in the past, openSUSE 10.2, but was able to fix it by removing the firewall or by restarting openSUSE or even by waiting for a long time. No such luck this time, I had the server timeout message going on for a few days.

4. Internet help, didn’t seem to directly deal with my problem. Neither did the Forums (yes I was desperate). But I did come across a very extensive HOW-TO fix SAMBA from a famous “Swerdna” in the site: http://www.swerdna.net.au/linhowtolanprimer.html#nicwin

5. The HOW-TO was very difficult to follow through verbatum, especially because I am not a systems administrator. But still I trudged along and installed everything I should, and made a few minimal changes.One of the significant changes I made was that in the samba configuration file I replaced workgroup = WORKGROUP to workgroup = NAMEOFMYWORKGROUP (ie. the actual name of my workgroup)

6. I still did not have any luck and kept getting the timeout message.

7. In the Swerdna HOW-TO,however, there were two commands, “rcnmb restart” and “rcsmb restart” (without quotes) as “su” users.This restarts SAMBA.

8. I suddenly had a brainwave and instead of typing my loggin-password details (for my office network as) NAMEOFMYWORKGROUP/myname and PASSWORD I now typed myname and PASSWORD.

9. It worked. the SAMBA configuration had already put my Workgroup name in the settings, so my password was simpler and I guess the restarting of the SAMBA helped as well.

10. So far, my network has worked even though I have restarted my computer, which is a good sign. Now I have to see whether it will work with the SAMBA configured Firewall back on.

11. (latest update: I got the Firewall started and like Swerdna advised did the settings as I should. I realised that I couldn’t browse my network from SMB, it said that my firewall prevented me to, but I could directly access it using my IP address (which I got from my network administrator. So things are still good!).

On to more openSUSE adventures…



1. Mohamed - July 3, 2008

Glad to hear you were successful. I need some assistance please ………

I have just installed OpenSuse 11.0 and cannot access the internet, I get a timeout as you experienced. I have a simple ADSL router/modem and I am hard wired onto this box via an ethernet cable. I have successfully checked the ability to make a DNS lookup on domains (and this resolves to IP addresses). In fact taking the IP address and pasting it onto the page address location also works.

This fault is evident both on Firefox and the second browser which comes with Opensuse (I forget what its called). I need help here. I have not been able to find something on the internet which addresses nor could I even find “Network settings” on the system.

Its my first experience with Linux OpenSuse and I am frustrated…Help me

2. NAyK - July 3, 2008

Hi Mohamed: While I’m not an expert, I too faced a problem with the internet connection until I installed and started the KNetworkManager application. Once KNetworkManager was running, then I think I did a “new” connection and entered the correct IP Address, Gateway, DNS etc details (which I guess you have). And then I had to “connect” to the new connection… and now it works. The only problem is that every time I log-on to openSUSE I have to keep manually connecting to the connection, but at least the internet is working. I hope that works out for you.

ps. this is your first experience with openSUSE? man, it must be hard for you. My sympathies. I simply love this distro… but it sure has made my life miserable at times!!! all the best.

3. Swerdna - April 8, 2009

Best advice for Samba is in the openSUSE Forums at forums.opensuse.org. Sorry the samba tutorial was so complex . Sadly, it’s a complex software.

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