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openSUSE 11.1 downloads have begun December 18, 2008

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Linux, OpenSUSE, openSUSE 11.1.

openSUSE 11Wow, I’ve never caught a linux distribution on the minute it was released but today I did… I have COMPLETED downloading openSUSE 11.1 I got download speeds of as high as 650 Kbps + (since I’m in Canada at present)… wow, now that’s really the fasted linux downloading I’ve experienced. The whole 4GB installation DVD downloaded in about 2.5 hours.

I used Orbit to download the .iso directly from http://software.opensuse.org/ (Sadly, I’m using Windows to download, because I haven’t given enough space to my openSUSE 11 partition. )

But for those who want the direct iso for 32bit, DVD, it’s here: http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/11.1/iso/openSUSE-11.1-DVD-i586.iso

I have also now finished downloading the nonOSS CD. The link to the nonOSS .iso is here: http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/11.1/iso/openSUSE-11.1-Addon-NonOss-BiArch-i586-x86_64.iso

I burned the .iso files onto the DVD and the CD respectively, and now I’m off to install.



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