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Ubuntu 10.10 is a hit! Here’s why. October 15, 2010

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Linux, Ubuntu, Working with Linux.

Every list is subjective. Even this one. But if you knew my history with Ubuntu, you’d share my excitement with this latest Ubuntu 10.1o (Meerkat) release. It is really easy/fun to use. Makes me remember my PCLinux days, when things just worked. I really am surprised with how functional this Ubuntu really is. Currently, it is my favourite go-to distro. The following are a few features of the latest Ubuntu that I really like. I haven’t listed some others (like Ubuntu One) because I haven’t actually used them, or I haven’t really like it (like Ubuntu Broadcast). So anyway, in no particular order…

1. Really fast shut down (about three seconds!): Ubuntu is not that fast while loading (as I expected), even though it is still faster than Windows. But it is super-fast in shut down. Literally about three seconds after you click shut-down. Wow.

2. Easy writing-ability for my NTFS partition, even on my NTFS external hard disk. It took me a while to realise how cool this was, after I was sharing files between my external harddisk (NTFS) and  Ubuntu without any problem. Even a Mac can’t do that!

3. Automatic internet connection detection: I’ve been saying this again and again, but it is really cool that my internet connection was working without me having to set up anything at all. Plus it doesn’t feel that slow either.

4. It has OpenOffice by default. (unlike PCLinux) OpenOffice is a big file, and if I would have to download it, I would be putting my limited downloads under pressure. So it’s nice to have essential software already uploaded.

5. Similarly, it was nice to have limited updates after installation. There have been times when I have installed new distro’s and still had to updated about 100-200 MB worth of updates. This time only about 10 MB of updates were needed.

6. It installs my VIA chipset graphics drivers (as well as audio) by default. Maybe this should have been the first point. Because without the drivers I wouldn’t have been able to use this distro at all. But now my monitor is set to the right resolution and frequency. Similarly, all the audio drivers are installed without any problem.

7. Very easy to get proprietary video formats to work (like avi and divx). Relatedly, I simply had to click on an avi file, and Ubuntu asked me if I wanted the proprietary drivers, and I said yes… and it installed them. Really nice.

8. Similarly, Flash (and yes I need flash) is easy to install. Again, I must admit that I am shocked that Mac doesn’t support Flash. I really like it, use it, on a daily basis. So I’m glad Flash is supported in Linux (Ubuntu) with an updated.

9. Right click on desktop to change desktop image (long time ago, this never used to be so easy). This was important because earlier only KDE could do it, now even GNOME can, which is nice. Makes customization a little easier, and makes you feel that Gnome is not so bad after all.

That’s it for now. Maybe if I use it more I’ll have more to say. For now, thank you Ubuntu team for an excellent distro.



1. Anonymous - October 16, 2010

Good for you. I can’t install any of the buntus, I guess because of my VIA chipsets. Stops installing after two minutes with an error message stating the burned disk is faulty. Yeah, right!
No such problem with PCLOS. So the buntus suck!

2. Larry - October 16, 2010

I really like your review as you are coming from a pretty pragmatic place, like the vast majority of people are when it comes to computers and the need for stuff to ‘just work’. I think that the expansion of Linux will see more resources and kudos given to open-source projects that seek to replace propriety formats. Its a long, slow road, but I really think that the ground swell is beginning.

I have (and will) continue to offer people whose use and need warrant it free installs and post install configuration of Ubuntu, simply because of the attention put into the UI. Ubuntu have really made Planet Penguin realise that UI is a massive aspect of the success or failure of the Linux desktop. OK, there are plenty of beefs about the paucity of upstream contributions by Ubuntu – but I think that they are serving the community by raising the bar on usability.

3. Larry - October 16, 2010

PCLOS is an excellent distro

4. Eebrah - October 16, 2010

Installed Maverick almost as soon as it was released and I have to agree with you, more stuff than before “just works” without needing setup but some of the stuff you point out, like right click > change desktop background have been there for quite a bit, not specific to 10.10.

5. googleTv - October 16, 2010

Thank you (google)

6. Larry - October 16, 2010

I am so happy with Lucid that I will wait for a while before upgrading. Jeeze, I have only just found out how you can correct wrong album covers or add them if they are missing in Banshee. As I prefer to do entirely new installs of Ubuntu I think I will live with the uninterrupted froot of my labours for a while. At last, my music collection is all tagged with the right covers on the whole lot of it : )

I love the new Rhythmbox sound widget in Maverick though! Am hoping someone creates something like it for Banshee for either the panel and or awn dock. Also just had another email from another delighted friend raving about their new Linux installation. The way it breathes new life into ageing hardware is fantastic, and also contributes to the environment when you stop and think about it. Less old hardware being junked.

I never thought it would be possible to be passionate about an OS!

7. KenP - October 16, 2010

One issue about network manager is that it still connects to both my LAN connection and Wi-Fi — at the same time!

However, this is on Ubuntu (GNOME) only. Kubuntu switches to LAN if cable is connected, otherwise connects to available Wi-Fi, if configured.

8. suvi - October 17, 2010

Hi Nayk

Do you think something like
would be usefull for ubuntu as well?

if yes, what are you missing in the standard ubuntu?


9. Larry - October 18, 2010

Hi suvi – the first port of call for me post install (after the restricted extras) is ubuntu-tweak. It seems the exact match for the fedora supersize script, and in fact seems to be far more extensive as well. You can do absolutely loads post install configuration with it, easily and quickly…you can read about and download it from:


enjoy! Its a fantastic utility : )

10. suvi - October 18, 2010

cool, I didn’t know about this tweak tool. Thanks a lot.

11. Larry - October 18, 2010

My pleasure. It is such a brilliant, simple to use but powerful tweaking utility. I love it…one stop shop for all things tweaky, I’d say.

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13. sochdi - February 25, 2011

how to setting eksternal hardisk on ubuntu 10.10. is this automatically detected or not?

14. friv 2 - August 20, 2011

Very well, I like this very much.

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