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Change May 12, 2012

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in android, ipad, tablet.

I can’t believe how long it has been since I last post. Actually I can believe it. I was busy. Full stop.

Now I’m back. But only just. I bought a new laptop (HP Probook), I have Windows 7 Home Premium installed. But I am hesitating to install openSUSE 12. I don’t know why. Earlier, that would be the first thing I would do. After Windows, install Linux.  But I really don’t feel like installing openSUSE right now. It takes too much time to configure… especially to my office network… and I can’t see myself using openSUSE apart from the occasional Windows problem solving. (Plus, I was truly disappointed that TrueCrypt did not allow me to encrypt my previous notebook because the openSUSE boot partition was not on the first “main”? sector, whatever that means.)

But why have I lost interest in openSUSE, I don’t know. From being a fun (distraction) project, Linux has gone out of favour for now. I now need my computer for work… and sadly I never invested enough time to learn linux-based systems… apart from the basic installation and early-work phase. After trying one, I would move to another… and so on. There was a time when I used openSUSE for a long time… but once I moved towards webdesign (read Dreamweaver)… it was Windows all the way (and I actually prefer using Adobe products on Windows rather than on the Mac which my office also has. So, yes, you can stop reading now that I have lost all credibility!)

But there was a change. In the last few months… there has been a smart-phone/tablet boom. And I too have joined the craze.

I recently bought a Sony Tablet S for my wife. And spent more time than her in configuring it, figuring it out… and really enjoying Android.

I had seen the iPad before, but I just couldn’t see myself using an iPad (plus they were really expensive). More reasons for choosing Android in a later post.

So for now… until I muster the will/courage to head back into linux-love (and install openSUSE on my new notebook), I’ll talk a bit about my android love. It’s so ironic that since my last post… android (linux-based) has truly become an “alternative” to the “evil”  Windows Apple! (haha!) Who would have thought!



1. netsuvi - May 12, 2012

linux is still a cool operation system. You should try opensuse, fedora and ubuntu. Then stick to the one you love. I am using fedora now for 5 years and I never regrettet the step away from windows.

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