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It happened again: The sequel March 3, 2014

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Linux.

My previous post was filled with the excitement I felt while experimenting with custom ROMS for the phone.

Sadly, the excitement was short-lived as I had to revert back to Samsung’s Official Galaxy S3 ROM. This was mainly because the CyanogenMOD camera kept crashing. I tried other Custom ROMS too… AOKP, Paranoid and PacMan (for a while), but they all kept crashing the camera. Today, my main camera is my phone and I just couldn’t handle the unpredictability… so I reverted.

I was surprising how straightfoward it was to revert, which was a relief. But still, the journey did teach me a thing or two about the new directions in phone-computing.

I’m back to TouchWiz and wistfully remembering the days when my phone was fast and exciting. Right now, I’m just relieved that I haven’t bricked my phone. Perhaps if I get a small camera and carry it everywhere, then I’ll move back to a CustomROM for my phone.



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