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I’m NAyK and I’ve been using Linux for about two years now. But I’m still a Linux user with a beginners mindset. By that I mean, I do not have any knowledge of code or source-codes (whatever that is). I rarely look at forums for help. And I usually complain why my Linux is not behaving like my billion dollar windows OS (and Windows software). (The only reason why I’m capable of writing this site is because I recognise the humour of the last sentence!).

My concern in writing this site was to give back to the Linux community, but not necessarily suck-up to it. I love Linux, I’ve just enjoyed experimenting with many distributions (operating systems), and I’ve at least become adept at installing systems. I’ve also begun to use Linux for basic tasks like surfing etc, but more importantly for virus checks, and windows corrections.

I’ve really enjoyed my tryst with Linux, but I have a life… and Linux is just a part of it… so this site is not regularly updated… nor Linux as heavily experimented with… as much as I would like. Still, here it is… my small voice in the large large world of computer technology and choices beyond the normal.


Linux Penguin

Why not Green?: This site was originally designed in “GREEN” using Blogger. But when I moved to WordPress (November 7 , 2006) I had to swap to a blue look. Green has an important linux assossiation for me: it reminds of my first gasp at the beauty of Suse 9.3 when I first installed it. Yup, it was green. I must admit that I have never seen a more beautifully produced Linux distribution (except elive day time theme… which has some green), and I really wish that something like that will come along soon. Even Suse dropped it’s green colour for the overused blue. And no, it doesn’t match up. I am often tempted to go back and reinstall the Suse 9.3 distro simply to have a beautiful computer; except that I’d be losing out on the other advances in Linux and Suse. Neverthess, this is why I wish I had green as the main colour of this writing space.
Why Alternatives… as the subheading of this site suggests… if we lose alternatives… we lose our identity. It is in the fact that we can choose… our friends, our religion, our operating system… that we find the variety that we truly celebrate. I however am not a pluralist… in that I don’t believe everyone is (or can be) right. But I like people (even me) to have the opportunity to be wrong. So… this site is dedicated to those alternatives. Of course, it is primarily about Linux… but since Linux is oftentimes more than an OS, and rather like a lifestyle… I guess the expanded scope suits this journalic space too.

Why Linux? Because it is the future. No I’m not overstating. Of course, the major distros of Linux may all sell-out and become more commercial and corporate (though I doubt that can be entirely possible). But surely Linux, its way of computing, is an alternative for the future, much like the Mac is today. I can only see the distributions improving, and hopefully coming together to form powerful and feature-rich alliances that show the world that people actually run computers.

Why write about Linux? Because the Linux movement is a community enterprise and benefits from multiple voices supporting it and pushing it forward. I don’t suppose I can contribute through coding, for that is not my strength. But those who shared experiences of their journey with Linux inspired/helped me… and so I hope I may at least inspire others. Aah… but even if that was not so, I want to write for writing sake. No need to give functionality to this project. So basically, I write because I want to be engaged more deeply in the Linux project.

Finally, what next? I’m not sure. Earlier I had felt, after using almost 30 distros, that I would never find a perfect Linux solution to both my Desktop and my laptop. I had felt that Windows XP was perfect and Linux was playing catch up. Only recently I installed and used openSUSE 10.2 (and also Ubuntu)… exclusively. I struggled through some issues because of lack of understanding, and somethings were just too darn easy! In effect I realised that Windows XP was not perfect… there are plenty of things that don’t work as well as I would like in that distro. But similarly, neither has my experience with Linux been perfect. There’s a lot more work to go. In effect, this space is (will be) more a genuine expression of my tryst with alternatives… and tryst with Linux. And in the words of Lemony Snickett, don’t expect this to be a happy story.

Hi, I'm a Linux
Source: http://www.pvponline.com/article/2721/Tue-May-16?y=2006



1. Linux being the Future: Another Blog By Jared - November 24, 2006
2. john - June 2, 2007

i love this pclinuxos20007

3. dinsan - September 6, 2007

cool blog..
I am a linux fan ;) working from FC7 …… happy blogging

4. thegabfather - June 21, 2008

Sup Nayk , my name is Gabriel, and i think u have a cool blog, and i agree with ur thinking on liNUX it does give u addicted to installing thing of which i have no idea haha !

i’m adding u to my blog roll hope u don’t mind, and i hope u will add me to ur’s !

5. tanclo - December 9, 2009

Suse was the first distro i ever used, and i believe it was also Suse 9.. maybe in 2006?

6. Aryasindhu Sahu - July 21, 2010

Hey dear, I liked your interest in Linux. I have been using UBUNTU since 10 months and I like its features. But I have got a problem in browsing. I can not connect to the wireless using ubunu.

Anyway your blog is a nice one. Keep it up.

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