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Google Drive and Truecrypt August 28, 2012

Posted by NAyK in Dropbox, Google, Google Drive, Truecrypt.

For a while I have been struggling with a particular problem using Google Drive and I can’t seem to find a solution.

The scenario I am facing is this: I want to install Google drive into a Truecrypt encrypted drive. However, I find that Google Drive does not allow me to install on any Truecrypt drive. Instead I have to install on the default C or D drive.

I find this disturbing because I want to encrypt my Google drive (not the other way, of putting an encrypted drive into Google Drive, as some have suggested).

This solution, to put a cloud storage into a Truecrypt drive is possible using Dropbox, but I wonder why it’s not possible using Google Drive.

I have found that I can’t afford to have my sensitive documents from my Google Drive to be accessible, without encryption, on my laptop.

I wonder if there is, or will be a solution, to this.