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Google Drive and Truecrypt August 28, 2012

Posted by NAyK in Dropbox, Google, Google Drive, Truecrypt.

For a while I have been struggling with a particular problem using Google Drive and I can’t seem to find a solution.

The scenario I am facing is this: I want to install Google drive into a Truecrypt encrypted drive. However, I find that Google Drive does not allow me to install on any Truecrypt drive. Instead I have to install on the default C or D drive.

I find this disturbing because I want to encrypt my Google drive (not the other way, of putting an encrypted drive into Google Drive, as some have suggested).

This solution, to put a cloud storage into a Truecrypt drive is possible using Dropbox, but I wonder why it’s not possible using Google Drive.

I have found that I can’t afford to have my sensitive documents from my Google Drive to be accessible, without encryption, on my laptop.

I wonder if there is, or will be a solution, to this.


Why Google Docs will not work (Not yet at least) July 30, 2008

Posted by NAyK in Google, Internet, OpenOffice, OpenSUSE, Reviews, Screenshots, Working with Linux.
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I was just working on Google Docs… actually let me be more specific. I had one file which I was working on through many years and on many computers. I decided that I would finally take the plunge and make it into one integrated web-based document that I could access anywhere that is internet-connected. To me, that sounded not only sensible but also time-saving… afterall, web-based integrated collaboration (be it with others or yourself) was surely the way to go (ps. I have done a lot of GoogleDocs stuff before, but this was my first “large” project running across 60 pages).

I started working, putting all the stuff in one place and finally I was ready to format… and then suddenly poof… my GoogleDocs network crashed (the image above gives the error). Interestingly, my internet connection was still active… it was just that GoogleDocs network stopped working… and yes I lost some work.

Thinking I made a mistake I decided to try again… and then again, same problem… and again I lost some work.

I now surmise that perhaps GoogleDocs cannot handle long files… (latest update: Google has a 512KB limit for documents… yes, this is the same Google that gives over 6GB for emails!!!)… though why it showed up as a network error I don’t know.

But it is also another reason why GoogleDocs is not a trustworthy application as a replacement to the wordpressor. But oh, how great it would be, if it was, if it truly was.

I think what GoogleDocs (online word-processors) need to succeed:

1. Network dependability (not a guarantee in developing worlds) so this is not Google’s fault, but perhaps it would be better to improve real-time saving (save as you type) and also perhaps include a save offline option.

2. Better handling of long (longer) documents.

3. Better handling of complex documents (ie. with footnotes, and table of contents perhaps).

(Yet the above list is more a wishlist… so it’s back to OpenOffice we go. Sigh!)