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Flawless wi-fi (wireless network) recognition by openSUSE 10.2 January 22, 2007

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in How-To, Linux, OpenSUSE, Reviews, Screenshots, Software, Ubuntu, Working with Linux.

As I continue to work with openSUSE I continue to be impressed. Ever since I started working with this distro (openSUSE 10.2), I had been stuck in the office and never had a chance to get out to test its wi-fi connection. Today I did, and unlike my harrowing experience with Ubuntu, openSUSE was extremely painless and simple.

The only thing I had to do was <right click> on the KNetworkManager and then <click> the wi-fi network. And viola! It worked. No configuring needed at all. Of course, I had to figure that on my own, since there was no sign saying that I had to swap networks, But that, I think is a minor detail. (latest update: Just today, when I returned to the wireless network, I didn’t even have to click wireless. It automatically detected the connection… and I’m working on it.)

The wi-fi connection is through a D-Link modem, and I’m not sure what wi-fi card I have. But I know that it has worked.

Screenshot of KNetworkManager below. All I had to do was select the current service (radio) being provided shown in Wireless Networks.




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2. wt evr - March 28, 2007

f*** that i can’t get wi fi to work

it’s just convenient that you don’t know what card u have

well anything linksys d-link or pretty much anything else does not work

so mabey you have a MAGIC card hahah

3. NAyK - March 28, 2007

Hi “wt evr”: I checked what card I have, and on my lenovo it’s the Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG.

4. eric - June 10, 2008

How do you just connect with not typing anything in? Don’t you secure your network with WEP or something? I’m running 11.0 and totally unable to get my D-Link WDA 2320 to work, although the OS did at least recognize the card out of the box. Unable to get the wired connection to work as well. :-(

5. Nana Yaw Kabutey - July 12, 2008

i also have the same problem and i think is the new KNetworkManager that is refusing to serch for available networks…same as u eric it recks it and labels it as disabled….i use athroes firmware cade DWL650 extreme G card….i hope an update will soon be ready…but for now i really need a solution so any one with one should let us know

6. Anonymous - September 4, 2009

same problem here with kNetworkManager. I hope a fix comes out soon.

7. Anonymous - July 23, 2011

I am new to linux. I used Mandrake years ago but lost interest. Now I running openSUSE 10+ and I am learning alot. You can use your on board wireless but you been to get windows drivers for it. Get the specs for your wiresless card from the OEM support website for your notebook and download the driver files you need. Save them somewhere accessible. You will need to install this driver with “Konsole” in super user mode using “NDISWRAPPER” then set the profile to “wlan0” wiht “modprobe”. Now go to your network settings and make sure that nothing is already set in the “0” slot or you will be scratching your head for two hours like me.

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