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AVG implementation delayed in favour of Avira AntiVir December 10, 2006

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Software, Windows.

(Latest update: As of 3 Jan, 2007, I’ve uninstalled Avira and put AVG. Avira was taking too long to update, I think it’s upload servers were too slow or something. AVG has been doing well so far.)

An Antivirus installation update

Acting on a comment on this site (thanks, liquidat) I have decided to check out (and use for a while) Avira’s AntiVir Personal (read free) edition.

There were two reasons; firstly, of course is that I was anyway dumping Norton, and was wiling to try anything else. Why not this? But secondly, I thought it would be good to try another anti virus, especially since my desktop has AVG anyway. Hopefully, between the two of them, at least I have a greater chance of catching virus stragglers.

I installed AntiVir personal after a harrowing 80+ minute full scan by Norton that didn’t even finish, and another harrowing 20 minutes trying to get rid of Nortom from my laptop. To install AntiVir, it anyway made me do a full system scan… and guess what? I found two potential virus (trojan) files, suspecially named Agent.B something. Wow… so much for Norton reliability! (I think even AVG would have caught it, but who knows?)

Avira’s interface feels a little alien to me, I prefer AVG’s. Plus AVG feels faster. But anyway, right now I’m happy with the double impact protection (just in case) and so will continue to use AVG for my desktop and AntiVir on my Lenovo.



1. Peter - December 10, 2006

Hi, Sorry to see you not using AVG on both machines. Please be careful when using multiple anti-virus products. Some people load two anti-virus software packages on the one machine thinking that this is providing greater protection. As anti-virus software tries to take control of the file opening process, a second a/v product can clash with the original (as they both will be trying to be the first to open and test the file) and actually provide lesser protection.

2. NAyK - December 11, 2006

To Peter: Hey thanks for the comment, but I’m using AVG on my desktop and AntiVir for my Lenovo Notebook. Is that still bad? I thought between them (since I do share files) I have a better chance of catching something.

3. mrmuckle - December 10, 2007

NAyK: you are doing it right. Use each anti-virus program on only one system at a time (don’t install both programs on the same Operating System).

4. deigratia - June 30, 2008

There is a problem IF you have two Av engines running!! One av with full time guard is suggested, there will be a problem if you have two causing conflict and resource hog. Avg ‘s benefit is it scans incoming mail Antivir does not. Regarding two AVs please read this post……
“Please remember that one antivirus program is enough. Just make sure that the antivirus program that you are using is UP-TO-DATE and SUPPORTED.SUPPORTED means the maker of the antivirus software continues in providing product updates and upgrades. An antivirus (or any security tool) that do not have development (updates/upgrades) is in my humble opinion, a product to stay away. Malware isn’t using old tricks so your antivirus program should continue to support the software by providing detections and program updates and upgrades. Sticking with old version shouldn’t be put into practise just because it is the one you like/prefer and/or it is free. Old versions is usually not supported. There are times unsupported versions is OK to use but be sure it is not a security tool. A security tool prevents malware.UP-TO-DATE means your antivirus software (or any security tool) has the latest detections. Running an antivirus with old detections is useless. You are are putting your computer at HIGH RISK and you are posing a threat to other users because your computer is maybe sending out malware to some of your contacts. You should also run a malware scan regularly. It is also a good idea to use the program’s scheduler or Windows Schedule Task to manage the scan schedule. As for getting all the protection you can get… it depends on how a person is using the internet and the computer but the best thing to do is follow the best practise that were published by: * Sophoshttp://www.sophos.com/virusinfo/bestpractice/* Microsofthttp://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/viruses/intro_viruses_protect.mspx Like you, I don’t want to use a computer by only maintaining it everyday but I want to enjoy using the computer and the internet so one of my practises is by keeping a good full system backup twice a month or whenever I feel like backing-up. If anything happens, I don’t have to worry of losing any settings, files and the system.”

5. Anti-Virus Lord - January 12, 2009

Yes Nayk, its ok to have a single Anti-Virus installed on each of your machines & a very good idea to use two different Anti-Viruses, just for the sake of information, I’d like to tell that Avira AntiVir has somewhat better heuristics compared to AVG, however, AVG is much more stable and easy to use, I’ve gone through a few objurgatory comments over AVG’s lack of detection power but frankly, I have been using the free edition since the last 3 years and I am very happy with it, it hasn’t let me down atleast; and I would suggest that you keep the anti-virus which pleases YOU, trust me I have done tons of research over Anti-Virus software. AVG, Avira, Norton, ESET NOD-32, McaFee, Trust Port, Sophos, AVK (Anti-Virus Kit), Bit-Defender etc fall into the category of Top-Rated Anti-Virus software (Go to http://www.av-comparatives.org for more information), do not fall for those comments on the forums, go for the one you like the most. I researched over Avast! anti-virus and it seemed that it was better than AVG and is certainly not, its a resource hog, I installed it on my PC and its fans are literally going berserk and browsing has become some-what slow, hope this piece of information helps, Good Luck! :)

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