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Not able to get openSUSE 10.3: (personal) download hassles faced October 11, 2007

Posted by Nigel Ajay Kumar (NAyK) in Discussions-Conclusions-Hopes, OpenSUSE, PCLinuxOS, Working on Linux, Working with Linux.

abstract: This article tells of how openSUSE 10.3 has been impossible to download (for me); Particularly irritating was the failure of the openSUSE metalink. On to the article…

If someone was to actually read this blog of mine, they’ll see that I’ve had a mixed experience with openSUSE.

Initially I simply fell in love with openSUSE 9.3… though I couldn’t really do anything with it. It was just a beautiful distro that made me want to look beyond Windows. Next I tried openSUSE 10, which worked but only just, 10.1 which was a huge disaster, and then 10.2 which worked exceedingly well and became my distro of choice.

Later, however, as time went by and my windows needs increased… I found openSUSE’s boot-times too slow to be practical and eventually stuck to Windows and continued my search of alternatives… though never ever erasing openSUSE 10.2.

Finally, on came along PCLinuxOS 2007, which was remarkable; a one-CD distro that was both beautiful and functional. Somehow, the difference between openSUSE and PCLinuxOS 2007 did not seem too much… especially for a beginning user like me. But, I still did not delete openSUSE.

Now, with the temptation of openSUSE 10.3’s faster boot-up timings… and that’s literally the main reason I would want to upgrade, turned out to be a major disappointment as well.

I tried downloading the DVD through my office broadband connection… (because it was partly official)… however the metalinks were just not working /recognisable. I remember downloading 10.2 through the metalink and it was amazing experience to work with openSUSE, through installs and beyond. But 10.3 metalink was just was not working. Basically for a long time the CHEKSUMs kept failing. Then after many days, it was allowing me to download only a 103 MB file… while I know that the DVD is 4.1 GB! When I enquired from the site about the errors I got the impression that aria2 (I use Orbit) would be better to use… but without linux (ie. on windows) I couldn’t even understand what aria2 was about… so I quit figuring that out.

I then tried the http download (office blocks bittorrent)… and it was phenomenally slow… I mean I was getting speeds of 6 kbps… yes KBPS! Anyway… I managed to find a ‘fast’ connection that allowed me to download openSUSE dvd in three days! But when I tried to burn the file through k3b I was informed that there was an error in the download!!!

Well… that’s not all. I then tried openSUSE’s KDE disk… and that downloaded ok. And I began to clean install of openSUSE over my previous openSUSE as well as over my PCLinuxOS 2007. But I made a mistake while installing by requesting a network install (basically downloading files from the network while installing the distro). Mistake because it took such a long time.

Anyway… it eventually worked… but as usual openSUSE does not recongise the VIA drivers, so my monitor resolution could not show anything higher than 800/600. But fear not, opensource OpenChrome drivers are available… and horror of horrors… it’s available only for openSUSE 10.2 and 10.1 (eeeks).

Anyway, I tried installing it anyway… and guess what? Crash! The x-server crashed and I could not get into the graphic display again. And of course I’m a newbie/noob whatever… and I could edit my config file.

So… what did I do? Install PCLinux 2007 over my openSUSE install, and wait for a better day.

Summary: basically, I’m a little peeved that the metalinks were not working. Shouldn’t they have been? But more importantly, I find myself wanting to work with PCLinux 2007… simply because it recognises my graphics driver… does not need to be configured etc… and is not so harsh on me if I make a mistake! Anyway… maybe this version is jinxed for me… and I should wait for 10. 4 or something!!!



1. Sathya - October 14, 2007

Hmmm slow downloads over http? strange, I’D downloaded the 695MB kde CD in 45minutes, in my office, the net connection which is shared by over 500 users. I suspect bandwidth throttling in your office. BTW torrents are blocked in my office as well

2. dave - November 12, 2007

I’ve been running Fedora and Ubuntu but wanted to test run openSUSE 10.3 as well. Using HTTP and FTP, I DL’ed the CDs but could not DL the DVD either…. Whazzup with that?

3. Dave - January 15, 2008

you will have a long wait i thin then next official version is going to be opensuse 11

I have done multi installs downloading the DVD/network install I have never encountered any problems… I have a 1 meg connection and has worked fine since Suse Professional 9.3 which is my version of choice.

I have looked at PClinux wasn’t that impressed really..

4. Marian - January 16, 2008

it seems that the suse guys have began to activate the next part of the licence: they can anytame make it non free and non open – correct me if I’m wrong

5. Marian - January 16, 2008


6. SAGA - January 29, 2008

yes,Me,too can’t download from my college network,i have 8mbps connection.

As marian said they (novel) is going to do something bad to oss community and i think their deal with Microsoft may be a culprit behind this!

7. SAGA - January 29, 2008

I can download open suse i use orbit,and i can download things well,
IDM cant download things well!

8. Anonymous - February 12, 2008

I’m in Australia and can’t download the DVD via HTTP either. It keeps stopping at 105 MB. I’ve been thinking about boy-cotting them anyway since their deal with M$!

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